Wait..? WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Well, this is a very sad day in many H!P fans lifes. C-ute member Arihara Kanna has officially left Hello!Project. :'(

Official statement from the H!P website:

We would like to announce that Arihara Kanna is leaving °C-ute and Hello!Project as of 09.07.2009. Arihara worked hard after she joined Hello!Project in the 2004 audition, joined °C-ute in 2006, and as their member, she had a major debut the year after.

As you know, she stopped appearing on the stage since February this year, due to the bunion, and now she has decided to leave °C-ute and Hello!Project and return back to the life of a normal girl.

We are very sorry to bring such unexpected news, but we hope you will keep supporting °C-ute in the future.

Seriously, what the fudge?! Honestly, I knew this was going to happen, I just really wished it didn’t. Why did it have to be my favorite C-ute member to leave? It’s like having Miyabi leave Berryz or something… It really does suck as 6-nin C-ute just seems so weird to me. Would I like a new girl to be added? Hm… Probably. The group without Kanna just isn’t the same. But I don’t mean a new girl as a Kanna replacement(that’s impossible) but just to have it be a 7-nin C-ute.

I don’t know if it’s coincidental, but C-ute’s releases since Kanna left have been above average at best. I mean, Bye Bye Bye and Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu haven’t really had the impact that FOREVER LOVE and Edo no Temari Uta II did. Of course, I can’t blame Kanna’s absence for a few Tsunku productions that I didn’t grow obsessed with.

I think what I’m going to miss the most is not anticipating Kanna lines between every Maimi and Airi ones and her shouts in Massara Blue Jeans…

Sigh… Well, what’s done is done, I guess… On the bright side, at least I’m glad I got to spend part of my lifetime obsessing over her while she was still active(unlike Murakami Megumi who I bet I would have been a big fan of if she was still in the group. Oh, and Erika should get more lines too… And since it’s a 6-nin group now, I’m thinking EVEN MORE focus will be put on Maimi and Airi(as odd numbered groups tend to have three central members[9 members=Momosu(Ai, Reina, Kusumi), 7 members=Berryz(Momoko, Risako, Miyabi/Yurina), C-ute(Airi, Maimi, Saki)])

Well, good bye Kanna. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see you again unless random fan pictures surface of you or you decide to pull a Kago Ai and release music again. There goes my favorite C-ute member… So now my favorite member order is…

  1. Yajima Maimi
  2. Okai Chisato
  3. Suzuki Airi
  4. Nakajima Saki
  5. Hagiwara Mai
  6. Umeda Erika



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6 Responses to Wait..? WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  1. Crispy says:

    *commits suicide*

  2. Selryam says:

    Kanna’s highly overrated.

    I’d rather have myself some maimithighs any day.

  3. PrivateLaughter says:

    I haven’t been a fan of H!P for long and I really hoped to get to know Kanna better when she comes back but now I just have to live with her never being someone big for me… That’s sad somehow…

    • Jin says:

      Ugh, that really stinks. :\ I get where your coming from though… Same thing happened to me with Konno+Makoto in Momosu.
      Well, if we think about it optimistically, how do you think some future H!P will feel when your favorite Momosu member will already be graduated, eh? ;D

      Gah, I can’t imagine that. >_<

  4. Arche-JoIyO says:

    Aww now they are 6 and Berryz 7. It was cute when they had same amount of girls :(

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