VACANCY is Kylee’s debut single and it was released on December 3rd, 2008.


2. Justice
3. Plan B

    The a-side of 14(at the time) year old Kylee’s debut single is a heavy pop-rock track similar to something Tsuchiya Anna would do. What I really like about VACANCY is the constant energy throughout the song that just blasts through the roof during the chorus. Kylee’s vocals, for a girl her age, are absolutely spectacular. I can’t say I have but one complain about them. Just a note, Kylee sings all her songs in English(the which isn’t Engrish due to her being raised in Arizona). The song is the perfect start for her career and is sure to trap you with its addictive melody and rhythm.

    The first b-side of the single is the rebellious Justice. Similar to the a-side, the song also has that pop-punk sound but this time it has a more upbeat tone, making it an overall “brighter” track than the former. Kylee’s vocals are once again top notch. While it doesn’t have that initial drawing power that the a-side had, it’s a strong track on its own and a worthy b-side.

    Plan B is the most different from the last two tracks as it’s a mid/slow paced acoustic song that picks up when the rocky chorus comes in. You can see that Kylee’s vocals are really good at expressing exactly what the lyrics are saying and once again fail to disappoint. It’s a nice addition to her discography and stands out with its different style and lyrics.

    I do have to admit that I’m a total Kylee addict. I just love her musical style and vocals that it’s hard to find a single flaw in any of the three songs. Their each so different yet alike that if you love one, you love them all. Dark/desperate, rebellious/upbeat and slow/uplifting seem to compliment each other pretty well.

    Overall Rating



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