Lee Jung Hyun – Avaholic


Avaholic is Lee Jung Hyun’s 1st mini-album and it was released on May 19th, 2009.


1. Vogue Girl♠♠♠
2. CRAZY♠♠
3. You’re Mine
4. 2night
5. Miro I
6. Miro II

    Kicking off the mini-album is the explosive Vogue Girl. It’s a really great track due to its insane catchyness and hook. It begins with some flowing synths and beats before the hook comes in. Lee Jung Hyun’s vocals are under a bit of vocoder and they sound absolutely sexy and full of attitude. Actually, that’s what this song is, completely FIERCE. The hook alone is worth giving this song a listen. A great synthpop opener for the album.

    20090428_ljhcb_300Following in the steps of the former song, CRAZY is yet another synth heavy track with an outrageous hook. I guess this is what make’s Jung Hyun’s music so good, her hooks. Unlike Vogue Girl, CRAZY centers more around its chorus the which the music builds up to on every other part of the song. Even if the chorus is a bit short, it’s still quite fulfilling.

    Taking a more R&B turn, You’re Mine is musically milder than the last two tracks but Jung Hyun’s vocal still possess as much attitude as always. That’s something I’ve noticed with Korean artists, they have really expressive, sometimes even obnoxious vocals. There’s also rapping from some man whom I can’t tell who it is but it doesn’t add much to the song. While not as addictive and catchy as the last two tracks, it’s a solid song overall.

    Continuing with the R&B genre, 2night indeed has a night time atmosphere to it. Jung Hyun’s vocals are semi-whispering throughout the song which sound pretty sensual and sexy. The chorus is the high point of the song even though it’s just as laid back as the rest of it.s320x240

    Miro I actually serves as an interlude into the final track of the album. It’s made completely of the melody of the next song in orgel form and you can hear Jung Hyun humming the melody in the background. A slightly creepy interlude.

    Now Miro II is just completely different from anything else in the album. It just sounds like something completely from another country, with another influence. I actually get a folk influence due to the marching drums, Jung Hyun’s strange vocals and the overall circus-y vibe from it all. Even though it’s unrelated to the rest of the songs, it’s a welcome addition due to its uniqueness.

    Being my first album from Lee Jung Hyun, I was quite impressed. I especially like her synthy/electro-popish songs. Even though her R&B songs aren’t in any way bad, they didn’t manage to cause the initial impact I got from the first two songs. If she keeps up this awesome synth style she’s taken, I’m sure I’ll enjoy future releases from her.

    Overall Rating



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