4minute – Hot Issue

Hot Issue

Hot Issue is 4minute’s debut digital single and it was released on June 15, 2009.


1. Hot Issue

    Whatever this “Candy Funky” style that 4minute has is supposed to mean, they better keep with it for future releases as Hot Issue is just FIERCE. When compared to 2Ne1’s Fire, this track centers more around its catchyness and the girl’s overall attitude. Their vocals can almost seem obnoxious but instead there what make the song as fantastic as it is. The clock ticking at the beginning along with HyunA’s intro lead perfectly into the first chorus which than flows to the first, attitude filled verse. I just can’t stand how each and every single part of the song is so amazingly catchy. Don’t even get me started on the instrumental/dance break a bit after half way through the song followed by HyunA’s rap. Vocals here are vocoded(as typical Korean releases are) and totally work to the girl’s advantage, even though without them they would still own the song. There is absolutely no doubt this song will have you addicted in only a few listens.

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