Amuro Namie – WILD / Dr.


Wild / Dr. is Amuro Namie’s 33rd single and it was released on March 18th, 2009. It reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 102,413 copies.


2. Dr.
3. WILD (Instrumental)
4. Dr. (Instrumental)

Namie takes a very heavy electronic sound for her first a-side with WILD. I was very surprised by the slur of electronic elements in the song, not only by the slick synth and thumping beats but by Namie’s vocoded vocals, the which are also layered in certain parts of the song. It may almost get a bit messy but the song manages to keep it together. The chorus is very constant in this song, which is fine by me as it’s insanely infectious. If we may be blunt about it, this song is maybe the fiercest Japanese release in the year.

The second a-side however is easily the enigma of the single. Dr. is absolutely bizarre in terms of musical direction compared to Namie’s earlier work. It consists of a constant beat, low pitched synth and an absolutely mesmerizing chorus. The flow between the poppy verses to the march like chorus is a bit sloppy and then there’s the ethereal/slow bits after each chorus. The vocals this time are free of vocoder and luckily they sound totally fine with me although her high notes aren’t the best.

Overall, WILD / Dr. was a superb single. I’m really anxious to see what direction she takes for her next album. If it’s anything like WILD was, than I’m sure I’ll be enjoying it. What I would like to see from her is a ballad however, it’s be interesting to see how it would fit in with this single on the album.

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