[…V•O•T•E…] Week V

Week of 7/12 – 7/19 (21 votes)

Well, this is absolutely awesome! Let’s just go straight to the results:

Who’s your favorite Berryz Koubou member?

  1. Natsuyaki Miyabi: 48% – 10 votes
  2. Shimizu Saki/Tsugunanga Momoko: 14% – 3 votes
  3. Tokunaga Chinami: 10% – 2 votes

Loser: Everyone else: 5% – 1 vote

Total pwnage by Miyabi. Gah this makes me feel so warm inside to be a Miyabi fan. >_< Oh! Maybe she got the most votes ’cause I’m a Miyabi fan and I sometimes blog about her…(or well, more than any other member).

Anyway, I am surprised to see her get just about half of all the votes. I guess seeing Saki tying with Momoko is normal since Saki is pretty big here in the West. Lol @ Yurina getting last place. Haha, loser. But poor Maasa. v-v Miyabi, share your votes, NOW.


P.S. Kanna’s in the poll ’cause she’s still a C-ute member… in mah heart… v-v


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7 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week V

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    Poor maasa~ It was my vote for her.
    And I really liked Miyabi when I first got into H!P but then I realized she’s an attention whore. It’s funny but at times just annoying XD Still like her though.

    • Jin says:

      Attention whore? >_< Hmm… I never noticed her to be that type. If anyone was an attention whore to me in Berryz, it would be Momoko.
      We love them all either way. xD'

      • PrivateLaughter says:

        When I watched random videos or some making of I often saw how someone spoke into the camera and suddenly Miya wanted to say something too or just wanted to be seen xD

  2. hyperballad says:

    wow i dont know anything about jpop girl groups but this girl is sooo hot!!! *3*

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