Okay, this is just getting weird.


Ok, so now Umeda Erika is also graduating.

Official announcement:

Thank you for your continuous support of H!P.

Umeda Erika, a member of C-ute who just started their concert tour, will graduate from H!P on the last day of this tour, i.e 25th October.
After graduation, she plans to become a fashion model and pursue her studies in this field.
She plans to work even harder as a C-ute member in the upcoming 3 months until her graduation.
Please support her.

Seriously though, what the heck is going on? <_< I REALLY didn’t see this coming. AT ALL. I guess when one member of a group graduates, you wouldn’t expect someone else to leave some X days later. <_<

So, she wants to be a model now. I guess that’ll work out for her. She’s tall. I never saw her as the prettiest member in C-ute(actually, as the ugliest :x) but it’s just that she has a different kind of beauty to her, like a mature one.

Maybe her graduating at this time has something to do with her having turned 18 this past May 24th and hey, I’m pretty sure that her C-ute twin(in terms of lines, photo placement, screen time, etc…) Kanna leaving might have pushed to do throw in the towel as well.

But seriously, 5-nin C-ute? O-o Now that’s just bizarre.

On the bright side, maybe Chisato, Saki and Mai will get more lines. ^_^ Or… Maybe Airi and Maimi will. D:



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3 Responses to Okay, this is just getting weird.

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    I often said that I don’t know much about °C-ute and I’m not that interested in them but what I now read about Erika is shocking for me. Not the graduation part but what seems to be the opinion everywhere about her. When I first learned about °C-ute I thought she was one of the big ones. She was tall, I saw her often and she had something recognizable about her. I don’t really understand why so many people think she’s ugly o.o Even the ones in H!P that aren’t totally beautiful are not ugly to me. Just boring (like in °C-ute that’s Mai for me…).

    In the end I just hope Erika will make it big with her modelling career. For me the wrong ones leave °C-ute because I have seen some subbed videos and I really liked Kanna’s character. Well, there’s nothing we can do about it.

    *writes pointless stuff…*

    • Jin says:

      Well yea, I see how you understand that both Erika and Kanna really shined when their personalities would show. With the Yorosen! episodes I’ve seen, those two really got my attention while others like Airi and Maimi didn’t really surprise/impress me in any way. In that sense, it’s a shame that they left. v-v
      And not that I consider ugly(although saying she was the ugliest in C-ute kinda opposes that ^-^) just that out of all the girls, she was the “least” prettiest.
      Oh well, another member gone. VoV~~~

  2. PrivateLaughter says:

    Least prettiest seems fair. Well, it’s always the opinion of someone.

    I just watched one episode of Yorosen! with Kanna as Sensei and there they do this psychological test where Erika gets the result that she’s a strong leader type and could do some selfish stuff to stand out from the group.
    So, this all could have been predicted a long time ago xD

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