[…V•O•T•E…] Week VII

Week of 7/26 – 8/2 (26 votes)

Oh god the results for this poll were hilarious. Predictable in a way, but just hilarious. Oh Kuu, what are we going to do with you? :\

Which of these albums would you most prefer to listen to?

  1. Amuro Namie – PLAY: 46% – 12 votes
  2. Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION: 27% – 7 votes
  3. Hamasaki Ayumi – NEXT LEVEL: 19% – 5 votes

Loser: Koda Kumi – TRICK: 0% – 0 votes

Ami’s Supreme Show had 2 votes. In a way, PLAY deserves to get first place because I can without a doubt say that I can listen to EVERY song on that album and never feel like touching the “Next” button. My vote went to HEART STATION cause hey, Utada is my favorite artist eva and that album(when compared to ULTRA BLUE) was absolute gold(get the reference ;D).

Also, I find SS to be TONS better than NEXT LEVEL(although the album is great too, minus EnergizE D:) but I’m guessing it’s a popularity battle in some sense. Now unlike PLAY, I can’t listen to all of SS’s tracks without skipping some of them, SMM remix(hate it), change my life(only sometimes) and LOVE MAIL(cause of the yelling D:) are the next-able tracks.

Oh Kuu… You poor girl. Well, at least you managed to impress us all with 3 SPLASH right? ;D … …



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2 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week VII

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    Next Level got my vote because Ayu simply is my favorite singer. But I have more reasons. My Style was a great album but after that with every next album Namie wasn’t as good for me anymore and Play just didn’t impress me at all. Hikki plays it safe with her Japanese albums which bores me and I hope the next one will be a bit more experimentel. The last thing to say is that I’m not an Ami Suzuki fan and I can’t get over my hate for Kumi’s ballads. That’s how it is.

    But the new vote is tough. My vote would go to Chihiro Onitsuka but she’s not there… (yet. I expect a Part II to be coming?)

  2. Jin says:

    Yes there is a part II and maybe @ Chihiro being on it. ;D This poll is going to be in three parts, two semi-finals and a final. :3 I wonder who’ll win. @-@

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