A Buono! Hierarchy

So the covers for Buono!’s newest(and unimpressive sounding) single have been released. I was surprised.


Ok, I get it now… Tsunku is evening out the center spot in the covers with each girl. It’s weird seeing Airi. Not that it wasn’t weird seeing Momoko in the center as well, just that maybe Momoko’s shortness made her look like more well placed. Meh, they should just keep Miyabi in the center.

Anyway, here’s a list of the covers each girl has been the center in:


  1. Honto no Jibun
  2. Renai Rider
  3. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
  4. Cafe Buono!


  1. Gachinko de Ikou
  2. Rottara Rottara (Single V)
  3. co.no.michi
  4. MY BOY
  5. Buono! 2
  6. Buono! Live 2009 Hybrid★Punch


  1. Take It Easy!



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2 Responses to A Buono! Hierarchy

  1. Miyu says:

    Yep! MORE MIYABI!!!! ^.^
    nice cover but I hope miya outfit can be more cool,hot like airi and momoko one…
    (I’m not saying that miya outfit is not pretty but I think that the other one’s are more great…)

    • Jin says:

      I’d agree but Miyabi always manages to look spectacular to me. xD Maybe it’s the lack of accessories on her hair or maybe her loose shirt… Or that her shorts get blocked by text in both pics. xp

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