[…V•O•T•E…] Week VIII

Week of 8/2 – 8/9 (22 votes)

It’s never going to be easy to slim down the insane amount of artists in the J-Pop world to be able to organize them in two lists to see who everyone thinks has the best singing voice. Well, I went ahead and did it, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought since I listen to so many artists but even so there were a few who I had forgotten to add the first time around.

The best voice in J-Pop is? (Part I)

  1. ayaka: 27% – 6 votes
  2. alan: 23% – 5 votes
  3. KOKIA: 18% – 4 votes

Loser: Hirahara Ayaka: 0% – 0 votes

I can proudly say that the top three winners really deserved it. Angela lost out of the finals with just one vote under KOKIA while Mika and Hiotmi both had 2 votes each.

My vote went to KOKIA, of course. The girl has the voice of a goddess/angel/haxhuman. Than again, maybe I’m just a sucker for opera voices.

Once again, it was a bit of a popularity battle since I’m sure not many people know of Hirahara Ayaka while alan’s popularity over here is immense(online that is). Gah, I just really want KOKIA to win all this…



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2 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week VIII

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    I had to decide between ayaka and Ayaka Hirahara. Well, alan’s voice is impressive but only with her typical songs and you can’t sing those songs the rest of your life. (You can but you shouldn’t.) That also was the reason that I voted vor ayaka instead of Hirahara-san. I have two albums by her and can’t barley recognize any of the songs but with ayaka I have variety but also hell of a voice. And that voice isn’t that typical which was also a reason.
    I have to admit that I never came around to listen to KOKIA but I will in the next days if you love her voice so much :3

  2. Jin says:

    Please listen to KOKIA! >_< She's AMAZUN. Go ahead and get her latest physical single, KARMA. The a-side is like unbelievably spine-tingling. o:

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