Happy Birthday To Me!

OMG I’m finally 18!!!

Wow how time sure flies by… It literally feels just like yesterday that it was my 17th birthday, and I was already(at that time) not looking forward to becoming an adult. >_<

But you know, now that I’m actually 18, I really don’t see it as that much of a huge step ’cause I’ve always been kind of an adult by the way I handle things+act. Well, lets see if I still think the same when I finish high school and start doing old people things, like getting a job! D:

But oh my, my own money! $-$ <3

Ew, 19 next year. D: Gawd I feel old…

Oh yea, of course we can’t forget that also celebrating their birthday today(or yesterday in Japan xp) is the ever so beautiful, sexy, peto-licious, slender-faced, piece of hot flesh Natsuyaki Miyabi’s B-day! She’s 17 now! o:



Prettier by the day~~~


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J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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8 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I’m so envious! In 38 days I’m again as old as you but that means that I can’t vote because of three stupid weeks… But that doesn’t matter right now because from now on you can click on any site and really confirm that you are 18 xD

    • Jin says:

      hehe thanks! xD
      and omg your right! o: I dont have to lie about my age anymore. xD And I can watch rater R movies without feeling guilty! o:
      Oh! and I can insert my actual age when I want to watch videos that ask for my age. >_:l

  2. NyNy says:

    Happy Birthday! I was 16 last month but I hope you have a good birthday.

  3. Selryam says:


    Happy (possibly late) birthday~ 18 isn’t too bad. zzzzzzzyou’ve got a few years til you need to worry still… Maybe.

  4. Hexi says:

    Sorry for the horrendously late reply to this but Happy Birthday Wahi!!
    God, 19 is nothing. i turn 20 in 7 months!!! DX

    i feel so OLD!

    18 is the best, man. enjoy it. ><

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