[…V•O•T•E…] Week X

Week of 8/16 – 8/23 (15 votes)

Unfortunately this time around, due to technical difficulties, the number of voters was the lowest yet so it resulted in a mix of ties, leaving only one true winner while having the rest tie up for both 2nd and 3rd.

The best voice in J-Pop is? (Final)

  1. alan: 33% – 5 votes
  2. ayaka / KOKIA / Utada Hikaru: 13% – 2 votes
  3. Fukuhara Miho / Hamasaki Ayumi / BONNIE PINK / Onitsuka Chihiro: 11% – 2 votes

Honestly, no surprise here. alan has huge popularity internet-wise on the west side so seeing her leave everyone else in the dust is no surprise. Plus, the girl has got some real lungs in here. I mean, we’ve all hear her wail right? Jeez I hope so.

Polls will be down until the stretching glitch gets fixed.



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J-Pop devotee, Hello! Project ace, graphic designer, blogger, gamer, dancer, prince and day dreamer. Founded Sora to Kujira.
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One Response to […V•O•T•E…] Week X

  1. Selryam says:

    D: But… But…


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