Morning Musume。’s Kimagure Princess Radio Rip! (Updated w/ cover)

All I can say is WOW. Adding this to their recent singles(Naichau Kamo, SYO, Nanchatte Renai) and Momosu’s had the best combo of a-sides in a VERY long time.

Seriously, this song is good. It seems Tsunku finally dropped the synth+orchestra style and gave Momosu one HECK of an upbeat, catchy, oriental sounding fierce song. Think Odore! Morning Curry meets absolute ownage.

The vocals are real wtf-y too. Really high pitched and rapid. It’s AWESOME.

AND OMG. Wanna know who gets the most lines? AI AND ERI!!! And yea, Reina’s there too but I think Eri out-lines her. ;D Everyone sings in such a unique and different way that I don’t really care how much I hate Reina, this song just wins so hard.


Update: A cover’s out!


Still can’t believe Eri gets so many lines. And wtf is Koha doing all the way down there with Ai? She like isn’t even in the song. -_-


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One Response to Morning Musume。’s Kimagure Princess Radio Rip! (Updated w/ cover)

  1. Gnilp says:

    Wow, nice cover!

    Junjun’s ass!

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