The End of Momosu’s Longest Stable Lineup

img20090831085144981Of course we all know what I’m talking about. The graduation of Kusumi Koharu from Morning Musume in December.

Honestly, even though I considered her one of the 4 possible “graduates” if there ever would be an announcement(along with Ai, Risa and JunLin[the “exchange students” thing]), it was still a total shocker for me waking up this morning.

I really am quite bummed out. She was never a favorite, actually, after Reina, she was my second least favorite member of the whole group(but she later got bumped up a spot, making Sayu second least) but I think it’s that I’ve(and I’m sure all Momosu fans) gotten so used to this 9-nin line-up and have considered them the most united members yet. Seeing one of them ago, especially the ever retarded Koha, is just so weird.

I can already picture Aika during the graduation ceremony telling her something about how she honored her as a rival or something. -o-

Well, nothing that can be done about it now. :\ Just enjoy the rest of her time in Momosu and wish her the best of luck as a model, which I actually think is a great profession for her. She really is quite beautiful(‘cept her smile is kinda ehh…) and being tall helps!

Oh no, I just imagined seeing 8-nin Momosu lined up and having to see Aika right after Reina w/o no freakishly tall Koha in between. :(

If anything good comes out of it, it means that other members may get more line as Koha has been center in certain singles(Resonant Blue, Mikan…). I certainly see more Aika love once Koha leaves. Also, maybe Tsunku will start considering a Momosu audition? It’s about time…

But since Momosu will be an 8-nin lineup(and since having two centers with an even numbered member count is so much easier for dancing formations, etc…) it could mean that Ai and Reina will get EVEN MORE lines than the normal.

I wonder who will take Koha’s spot in live Resonant Blue performances? Aika please. ^-^

So, how does Koha’s graduation make you feel?

  • Was she your favorite member and her announcement made you totally bummed?
  • Were you just like me(not your favorite member) but still feel bummed out?
  • Or did this not affect you in any way?

Comment with your thoughts~

And for old times sake, heres that infamous scene when Momosu visited Koha’s school, congratulating her as the winner of the audition:


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5 Responses to The End of Momosu’s Longest Stable Lineup

  1. Kate says:

    Koharu was the first member I was able to recognise when I first became a fan of momusu. I could always spot her in performances because of her energy.
    As I began to get to know the other members and their singing voices, I wasn’t much of a fan of hers. I didn’t like her voice and thought she was a little self absorbed.
    However, I loved her performance in Nanchatte Renai and was beginning to think that maybe finally she had stopped using her ‘anime’ high pitched singing voice.
    It will be sad to see her go only because the current line up is amazing. But I am glad its her and not Ai or Gaki or the Pandas.

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  3. meyouu says:

    I answer second: never has been a graduation announcement looked so “slapped” in the face.

    And here’s my thought.

    And the still disturbed mind on the subject.

    Add to the fact that this is the official one for me about a person leaving.

  4. NyNy says:

    Ok, I have to say that this year, she grew on me and hadn’t annoyed as much as she did when I first started listening to Morning Musume 3 years ago till now.

    But I am glad that the sole 7th generation member is leaving Hello!Project to become a model. May I point out this comment is sarcastic!

  5. pisang says:

    now that we r seeing eri being lead of kimagure princess, i think eri will be taking koharu’s position in a single as the 3rd lead girl… i honestly hate seeing koharu’s leaving, she was at the bottom of my mm lists but i loves all the girls to see any of them leaving… but if tsunku planning something different for mm in future after koharu’s leaving, then i cant wait to see what is it… may be tsunku will add someone from H!P egg or Jang Dahyun or maybe even from berryz/c-ute, we’ll never know yet… whatever it is, MM will evolve & so is Koharu… tsunku better filled the sadness of having to let koharu go with some joy of addition of new members…

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