[…V•O•T•E…] Week XI – XXI

Weeks of 8/23 – 11/1 (124 votes)

Well, due to my “little” absence, the Koharu poll seemed to get an insane amount of votes(well, being there for 10 weeks straight, I wouldn’t expect any less). Anyway, I was a bit surprised by the results. Mostly in that I thought that the majority of my visitors were H!P stans. Well, I was wrong. Maybe I’m just full of K-Pop addicts…

How does Koharu’s graduation make you feel?

  1. I really don’t care about this Koharu chick or Morning Musume. – 35% (44 votes)
  2. Even though she wasn’t my favorite, I’m still very affected by it. – 29% (36 votes)
  3. Absolutely heartbroken. She was my favorite and I’ll never feel the same towards Momosu ever again. – 18% (22 votes)
  4. Reina should leave instead. – 9% (11 votes)
  5. I’m glad she left. She was just a waste of space. – 6% (8 votes)
  6. I’m still new to H!P, so I’m not quite sure what to feel. – 2% (3 votes)

Well, 44% of my readers aren’t Momosu fans. @-@ Bizarre. Since I mostly write on H!P stuff, I thought that poll choice would have been much lower. Personally, I’m part of the 29% that stated that even though she wasn’t a favorite, she was still a Momosu and her leaving still means something to us.

I can’t help but feel bad for those 18% that lost their favorite member. I mean, I can’t imagine myself liking Momosu as much as I do now if someone like Eri were to leave. How bad would that be? :x

And yay at those 11 people who agreed that Reina should have left instead!!!


Week of 7/05 – 7/12 (29 votes)

Guess the votes made a slight U-turn this week eh? I looked at the results around Thursday-ish and there were a lot of ties, but looking at it now, I’m quite surprised. O_O The ties are still there but at least now we have a clear winner. The first place member might not be surprising but last place kinda disappointed me.

Who’s your favorite Morning Musume member?

  1. JunJun: 17% – 5 votes
  2. Takahashi Ai/Kamei Eri/Kusumi Koharu: 14% – 4 votes
  3. Niigaki Risa/Tanaka Erina/Mitsui Aika: 10% – 3 votes

Loser: LinLin: 3% – 1 vote

Sayumin finished with 2 votes, just 1 vote away from being the loser. It’s pretty awesome to see JunJun who’s an 8th gen member beat out everyone else. The second place finishers didn’t surprise me at all, nor did third place(my vote went to Eri, duh ;D). All in all, these votes were very American(duh). JunJun is uber popular in the states but if this poll were taken in Japan, I’m sure the results would be A LOT different. LinLin would still be last(unfortunately as she outperforms more than half of the rest of the group) and I doubt JunJun would ever beat out Reina or Ai.

I think I’ll go ahead and ask this same question for the two H!P Kids groups next…


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