After School – New Schoolgirl


New Schoolgirl is After School’s debut single and it was released on January 15, 2009.


1. Play Girlz
2. AH
3. Bad Guy
4. AH (Inst.)

After School’s debut single begins with Play Girlz, an intro of very high quality that could have easily made a really great full track. The song is mostly the girls rapping(impressively I may add) until singing for the more powerful part of the song. Great intro.

AH takes a slightly more pop sound when compared to the intro. It focuses on its catchy hook of repeating the song’s name and its synchronized synth. Even though most of the song is rapping, the parts that they do actually sing are nicely done, although don’t blow me away in any way. I don have one complain though, the song is terribly short at only 3:09. I thought they could have at least added another 30 seconds to it.

Making use of a heavy bass line and dark, smooth synth is the provocative Bad Guy. The song actually begins very simply but then explodes into an array of really catchy synth and a great melody. During the second verse, I was surprised by the swearing(although censored) that the girls did. It only added to the maturation of the song. This song is even shorter than the previous at only 2:53. Even though it’s a great song, I would have liked if they added a rapping section before the final chorus.

After School’s debut definitely began with a bang. Just about every song impressed me in some way, with my only complain being the length of the songs. The style of this group is a lot different to other groups, as they take a more mature sound mixing pop and R&B(think the Pussycat Dolls but Korean and better).

Overall Rating



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