Best PV of the Year.

I won’t go about how amazing the song itself is(thats for a future review) but the PV for Brown Eyed Girls’ Sign is just absolute awesomeness.

It doesn’t even feature the girls that much, instead of an actor who plays the main role. The action, suspense, drama, scenario, EVERYTHING about this PV is just so amazing. <3

Although my absolute favorite thing, after the girls in the tanks of water of course(it is them in those tanks, a shame that they die though), is the way that when the guy is defending himself against the men, the girls like appear in flashes after he has fallen/behind him, etc… I just find it so mysterious and really makes you wonder if the guy actually sees them, seeing as he tries to save Ga-in near the end of the PV.

If you haven’t already seen the PV, I REALLY, REALLY recommend you see it, even if you aren’t a fan of K-Pop music(although you should be, it’s the best). IN HD!


Yea, there’s no choreography in the PV, but thats what their live performances are for. The dance for this song is on its way to being as popular as the Abracadabra “saucy hip-move”.

@ M! Countdown

@ Music Bank

I also have to mention a certain other PV that has caught my attention. Once again, we’ll ignore the great song that accompanies it and focus on the emotional, bitter-sweet video. Bom looks absolutely gorgeous and the storyline is pretty touching. The bit before the final chorus, where no music plays is also pretty breath-taking. Enjoy Bom’s solo song, You And I. ^-^


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6 Responses to Best PV of the Year.

  1. Selryam says:

    They said Sign would have choreography. T_T

    They lied twice. This song was a total flop overall.

  2. Kate says:

    I love the Sign MV. I know some people think it is too violent, but I love that it’s simple and not full of dancing. And it seems like the girls appear to him as guardian angels or something like that.

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