f(x) – LA chA TA


LA chA TA is f(x)’s debut digital single and it was released on August 31, 2009.


1. LA chA TA

Breaking their way into the K-Pop scene is f(x) with LA chA Ta, a retro pop song with an amazingly catchy chorus and it’s unique, synthy instrumental. The group is composed of very talented vocalists, so their singing skills are in now way against them. Every bit of the song is just so freaking catchy, it’s almost annoying when you want to change the song because you just love the next part thats coming. In the group is Amber, their rapper. While she is native in English, all she raps is in English. While I find her rapping to be pretty impressive, she does this thing with her voice in which she heightens the pitch of her voice and is slightly annoying. Apart from that, the rap is as catchy as the rest of the song and should be no reason to put aside this great debut track.

Being labeled the female SHINee, I think they did a decent job of mimicking the groups sound while adding their own feminine, classy twist to it. The girls really worked hard promoting this track and have earned themselves a steady fan base because of it. I can only hope that their next release will be as good.

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2 Responses to f(x) – LA chA TA

  1. Anna says:

    I’m really looking forward to the future work of f(x); I think they have a lot of competition right now from groups like 1NE1, 4Minute, and SNSD, but “Chu~” is such a great song. They may be on to something…

  2. ana.bettina says:

    I love and appreciate f(x) and their hard work.

    I have to admit that when I saw the group teaser before their debut, I literally rolled my eyes. I was like “Oh man! Not another girl group!” but after hearing ‘La chA Ta’ and seeing their live debut performance I became a fan! I love the fact that they have the guts to try different concepts and styles. They have a lot to improve on so I’m looking forward to their next songs!

    Go f(x)! Dare to be different!

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