3ZUMMA – Gift

Gift is 3ZUMMA’s debut single and it was released on October 8, 2009.


1. No No
2. Fool
3. Fireworks

The first track of this particularly unknown group is No No. Not only was I impressed by each of the girls stronger than normal vocals, but by how great of a pop song it is. It has instruments like piano and strings at moments but it’s the rushing synth in the chorus that really makes the song. It’s catchy as heck too. I would have loved to see this group perform this song live as it sounds like something that could have a really fun step.

Going in a  totally different directions is the soothing, laid-back Fool which focuses on its wide array of acoustic guitars and emotional vocals. The verses are really relaxed, yet keep you entertained while the chorus shows off how powerful the groups vocals can get. I thought the vocals were well manipulated to match the music while not overshadowing it. Another good track.

Closing off the single is Fireworks which is totally different form the last two tracks. I would describe it as a song with a euro-pop sound but with a typical K-Pop arrangement. The song starts off with a bang of techno beats and synth, calms down in the verses and then rises again once the chorus arrives. This style for the girls is really quite unique as one doesn’t hear this genre of music much with such great vocals. Maybe this song might overwhelm listeners the first few times(which is what happened to me) but once given a chance, the songs greatness really begins to shine.

The overall package of this non mainstream group is something I don’t see a lot with the more popular groups these days who only focus on the title track instead of the individual songs. The single had a nice arrangement of music, great vocals and interesting instrumentals so I definitely recommend it to any fan of K-Pop with strong vocals(that don’t necessarily have to be made for ballads).

Overall Rating



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