HAM – T.T Dance

T.T Dance is HAM’s debut digital single and it was released on September 23, 2009.


1. T.T Dance
2. T.T Dance (Inst.)

I’ve read that HAM’s debut song T.T Dance sounds a lot like something that could come out of H!P. I’m actually quite surprised to hear that, cause even though it isn’t your typical K-Pop song due to its cuter, rockier arrangement, it surely doesn’t sound like Hello! Project arrangement. The verses might have reminded me of Momosu’s The☆Peace! simply due to the marching sound it has(along with the clapping) and with a rock sounding arrangement but the chorus is just full-blown pop. While the rapping is a bit lukewarm, the song is still really catchy and different from the auto-tuned and synth-filled stuff released these days.

HAm took a risk releasing a song like this to the K-Pop industry and unfortunately it didn’t manage to catch on too well. If they do have future releases, it’d be nice if they maintained this style but found some better producers.

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