Suzuki Ami – KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru…


KISS KISS KISS is Suzuki Ami’s 32nd single and it was released on October 28th, 2009. It reached #28 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 2,448 copies.


1. KISS KISS KISS (Japanese Version)
2. aishiteru…
3. KISS KISS KISS (Extended Japanese Version)
4. KISS KISS KISS (Extended English Version)
5. aishiteru… (extended)

Compared to her last a-side, KISS KISS KISS is a much safer approach to the house/dance genre. Instead of the bipolarity that Reincarnation was filled with, this song is a lot more linear with a safe arrangement. Although some might find the repetitiveness of the chorus annoying(she repeats the song title constantly), it just sounds good enough to me to maintain me entertained. I really also like the piano in the song, which while not prominent is still noticeable and combined with the acoustic guitar, beats and(in the chorus) looping synth make for a great instrumental.

aishiteru… reminded me of what A token of love was in the ONE single. It has a more of an electropop sound to it and some gritty, loopy synth. Ami’s is sort of whispering during the verse and she sounds pretty good, though not as good as other vocoding I’ve heard done on her. The chorus doesn’t arrive until a second verse is done, thus it kicks in during the half of the song. The music gets stronger and Ami’s vocals louder(at yelling level, but not like Reincarnation). While the song’s arrangement is unique, I thought her voice could have been manipulated better and the chorus given more work.

Next are three remixes of the previous two tracks. I’ll go over them briefly as the changes are pretty small.

  • The Extended Japanese Version of KISS KISS KISS uses the same vocals form the a-side, except it adds around two minutes worth of instrumentals at the beginning and end of the song. Very unnecessary if you ask me.
  • The Extended English Version has the same instrumental of the previous remix, except with Ami’s vocals being in English. Personally, it was hard enough for me to understand the Engrish chorus of the Japanese Version and having the entire song in her confusing Engrish is just too much.
  • The extended version of aishiteru… goes through the same changes as the last two, 30 seconds of new instrumental at both ends of the song.

Eight months after the release of her last single, Ami just managed to satisfy my urge for her electronic music. The a-side, while very safe for her, was an addictive song although might not be for everybody. I was hoping more from aishiteru… but it’s still a nice addition. Hopefully she’ll return to working with Nakata soon as that’s the best music she has released in her career.

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