JQT – Bling Bling

Bling Bling

Bling Bling is JQT’s debut digital single and it was released on October 15th, 2009.


1. I Fell For You
2. No No No

I just love the cutesy, upbeat music of I Fell For You. I thought it would be a song similar to 2NE1’s I Don’t Care from the name but it’s really all the opposite. JQT sing very cutely in the song, even the rapping having a cute touch to it and the music is just so easy to fall in love with. Let’s not forget the VERY catchy hook of the song which is used in about every line that isn’t the chorus and squished in between each melody. I was impressed that the girls were able to pull this song off so good, it’s just too bad they didn’t get noticed very well.

The b-side, while still on the cute train, is a little less energetic and not quite as great. The synth used in No No No sounds pretty good, and the girls do a great job of harmonizing during the chorus but the song is missing something to make it as near as great as the title track, maybe some type of hook or maybe some rapping(which it is completely null of).

Once again, another debuting girl group has managed to catch my attention. While most groups these days are focused on a more sexy, mature style, JQT sticks to the cute sound(not the uber cutesy stuff though) while actually making it as catchy as the rest of the competition.

Overall Rating



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