17 Songs For Night Listening

There’s nothing more that I love than falling asleep to some nice J-Pop after a long day of doing nothing. However, it’s not always easy to find songs that are really for the occasion, falling asleep. Don’t automatically think “Oh, songs that make you fall asleep, must be boring than”, in fact, all/most of the songs I’m going to show you are actually good in their own right.

There’s various factors that could make a song a “night” song. The name, cover art, album, etc… but the only really important factor when you have your head on your pillow with you music player by your side is what you hear.



Hirahara Ayaka – pavane ~Naki Oujo no Tame no Pavane (my Classics!)

I chose this track now only for its superb use of orchestra instrumental that seem to lull you into a sleepy trance but also Ayaka’s breathy, lullaby-like vocals. One of those ballads that really shine during a night-time setting.

Stream pavane ~Naki Oujo no Tame no Pava


Perfume – 23:30 (One Room Disco)

My absolute all favorite night-time song is easily this one by Perfume. I was surprised many people detested the song, but I think it’s cause they don’t see it’s real potential. I swear that this song gets me sleeping immediately. The monotone vocals, mystical, starry synth, it’s the perfect package.

Stream 23:30


KOKIA – Insonnia (KARMA)

KOKIA’s vocals to me will always be suitable for any situation, but in this song, she sings as if it were a lullaby and along with the minimal instrumental, it’s great if you want something really simple yet beautiful(and almost spooky).

Stream Insonnia


Perfume – Negai (Dream Fighter)

While 23:30 was straight out night music, Negai is more electropop ballad-y. It still fits in with the night-time theme though. Vocals are whispers again and the music is paced and minimal.

Stream Negai



Nakashima Mika – Oborodzukiyo ~Inori (Oborodzukiyo ~Inori)

Most gorgeous instrumental song opening aside, this is another great night song. Although it can get a bit *epic* at points, it’s still suitable for the night. That violin alone is just worth it.

Stream Oborodzukiyo ~Inori



Do As Infinity – under the moon (under the sun / under the moon)

A long time favorite for nighttime is this little gem. Even though it is rock(and pretty much DAI peak in terms of musical style), it’s mellow and soft enough to get you dreaming. Plus, Tomiko’s unique vocals fit perfectly.
Stream under the moon


Aira Mitsuki – Darling Wondering Staring (Darling Wondering Starring / STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER)

Another electropop song is the dreamy and starry Mitsuki song, also being one of my favorites from her. Her voice, while vocoded isn’t whispery like the rest but even so it’s a very relaxing and smooth song.

Stream Darling Wondering Staring


Hamasaki Ayumi – JEWEL (Secret)

Ever since I saw the PV for this song, I’ve grown accustomed to listening to it at night. The piano and quiet, muffled synth in the background with Ayu’s gorgeous vocals make for one heck of a song.

Stream JEWEL


Morning Musume。- Mushoku Toumei na Mama de (Rainbow 7)

Yes, Momosu. This song was definitely the enigma of the album as it was a sound no one had ever seen the girls tackle, not to mention that certain generation. The melody is very pretty, the instrumental is made up of a combination of guitar, synth, VERY slow beats and ethereal like sounds. Very pretty.

Stream Mushoku Toumei na Mama de


Sakamoto Maaya – Sanctuary (Arjuna: Onna no Minato)

One of the first J-Pop songs I’ve ever listened to and ’till today onf of my favorites. Maaya’s vocals excel in this type of music so when paired up with such an amazing instrumental as this one, you not only get an awesome night-time song, but also an epic song on its own.

Stream Sanctuary


Otsuka Ai – Kingyo Hanabi (Kingyo Hanabi)

No way I wasn’t going to include Ai’s epic ballads on here. This, along with the next song, are what I call the staple of night-time ballads. The typical night elements are there in the instrumental, piano, muffled synth, slow thumping beats, etc… Ai’s vocals fit in perfectly as well.

Stream Kingyo Hanabi


Otsuka Ai – Planetarium (Planetarium)

This song makes a heavier use of drums and piano, though it’s as night-tastic as anything else out there. Truly a remarkably gorgeous song and that fireworks part always gives me goosebumps.

Stream Planetarium



Sakamoto Maaya – gravity (gravity)

Another oldie and you might remember it as the ending to the Wolf’s Rain anime. I ADORE this song to pieces. <3 It’s practically all piano until these beautiful strings kick in during the ending but the melody and Maaya’s vocals just make it all so perfect.

Stream gravity


Aira Mitsuki – distant STARS (Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS)

Another song I seemed to be the only one who loved. Being Aira, it’s obviously more spacey and quiet with a very pretty chorus. It even kicks off with piano. Probably the best electropop ballad I know.

Stream distant STARS


ayaka – Mikazuki (Mikazuki)

With a title like Crescent Moon, I guess you couldn’t include this song. Although it starts off as any typical piano ballad, it’s not until the strings, guitar and drums kick in during the latter half of the song that it really gives off that night-time vibe.

Stream Mikazuki


Kalafina – Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku (oblivious)

A lot of Kalafina songs could have been in here, but this particular track gave off the most night feeling. The girls maintain their impressive vocals softer than the usual and just let the piano lead the way into the rest of this pretty song.

Stream Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku


RURUTIA – Hoshi to Hane (Seirios)

Lastly is the most ethereal song of the batch by none other than the ethereal queen herself. Just about everything in this song is muffled, including the piano. RURUTIA’s vocals are echo’d, whispered and soft. A lot of her music is like this, so I recommend you try her out if you like it.

Stream Hoshi to Hane


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5 Responses to 17 Songs For Night Listening

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  2. Kate says:

    Thanks for this post!
    I’ve listened to Plantarium and Mushoku Toumei na Mama de many times before to go to sleep. I’m looking forward to trying out some of these tonight!

  3. Ashen Twilight says:

    Wow. I had no clue that any other blogger ever liked Maaya Sakamoto and RURUTIA besides me! I’m happy to see them on th list.

    And yes, JEWEL is amazing!

  4. Ami says:

    thank you for this. you help me find out some awsome songs to listen. i have trouble sleeping so this helped me out a lot. THANK YOU !!!! =)

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