4minute – For Muzik

For Muzik is 4minute’s 1st mini-album and it was released on August 31, 2009.


1. For Muzik
2. MUZIK♠♠♠
3. Hot Issue
4. What a girl wants
5. Funny
6. Won’t Give You
7. Hot Issue (Remix)♠♠

Upon the time of 4minute’s debut, they had the unfortunate circumstance of debuting alongside a handful of other K-Pop artists, thus not receiving much recognition for their debut song. However, things changed when they released their first mini-album. Even though competition was tough once again, they managed to shine through with their eye-catching PV, promotion and overall much improved image.

The album is your typical genre that K-Pop is most well-known for. Electro/synthpop goodness with a cute song here or there and an extra serving of addictive-ness. The album begins with an opening, which works perfectly as an almost “preparation” of whats to come but For Muzik, all of it’s 1:25 length is possibly the second best song on the album. It’s structured to sound like a full track but is unfortunately cut short. I think that more serious style of synthpop worked great for them. Thus we are brought to the main track from the album, MUZIK, pure synthpop deliciousness brimming with energy, vocoded to its peak(as all 4minute songs) and one heck of an intro & outro. I thought Hot Issue was an amazing track, but it just gets blown away and almost seems to be kind of stale and dated to me.

Another track that was used for promotion was What a girl wants, a lighter, more summer-y track that manages to show off the groups cuter side, while also showing off their natural, (mostly) untouched vocals. It’s a nice change and isn’t entirely bad, though the style of music doesn’t fit well with 4minute’s fiercer, sexier style, unlike Funny, the most dance influenced song from the album with a great synth-line and dark instrumental. Won’t Give You could be considered the “slow” song of the album, even though it’s still faithful to the groups electronic  sound, it’s a welcome and refreshing combination. A bonus on the album was a Remix version of Hot Issue, the same one heard near the end of their first promotions. I’m glad it made it on as it beats the original in almost every aspect with its more dance oriented instrumental and overall improved dance section.

4minute really impressed me with this release, although I can see some people not feeling the same way. 4minute’s vocals are usually the reason, as there is no song they’ve released in which their vocals aren’t layered/vocoded. To some it’s a real problem but I can’t feel the same as the girls have proven time and time again that their vocals, edited or not, are worthy of earning them their fame.

Overall Rating



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One Response to 4minute – For Muzik

  1. Megumi says:

    Not 5 stars?!?! *breaks dishes*

    Loool. Actually I was wondering (like last week) when you’d do this since they’ve officially brainwashed me. Yay for addictive music despite how subpar their singing is.


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