Week of 11/8 – 12/6 (63 votes)

Guess I kinda got out of hand again and left this post up for a month, sorry. ^_^’ Well, this time around I wanted to get everyone’s opinions regarding something they would change about the J-Pop industry. There were so many options I could have put up, but I think I got the most important ones up.

If you could change one thing about J-Pop, what would it be?

  1. Less expensive to order online.: 52% – 33 votes
  2. Make male groups(Johnny’s) less popular and give priority to female soloists.: 19% – 12 votes
  3. Death to Johnny’s Entertainment.: 14% – 9 votes
Bottom: Death to H!P/AKB48(1) / Shorter songs.(0) / Merge with the K-Pop market.(0)
No more multiple versions(CD Type A, CD+DVD…)(5) / Change the release order. First albums then singles.(3)
Well, I guess I would have voted for ordering online to be cheaper, if I actually were able to. D: I’ve only ever ordered twice, Suzuki Ami’s ONE single and Perfume’s love the world single. And no, it wasn’t cheap. I think the world would be a much happier face for J-Pop fans worldwide if they had easier and cheaper access to them. Well, there is one solution. K-Pop albums/singles/minis are CHEAP AS F***. Really.
And yay for 12 other people wanting Johnny’s role in the market to be less. >_< I swear, it’s so disappointing knowing that the new Momosu single which you wish would reach #1 is coming out the same day as an Arashi/KAT-TUN/w/e single. 9 snazzy people even prefer for the whole lot of them to diaf. ;D
I guess most J-Pop fans don’t have much Korean taste, as the typical is for K-Pop songs to be a lot shorter than J-Pop ones. Well yea, minus those 3 that prefer an American style of release with albums coming out first.
Oh, and the person who voted for H!P/AKB48 death better be on guard. -_-‘ If ya don’t…
Konkon will EAT U.
On a serious note, I wanted to remind all the H!P stans that today was Koharu’s graduation. Pics have already leaked of the ceremony. We wish her all the best in her future adventures and will do our best to get used to an 8-nin Momosu. -o-

There’s Koharu being her ~genki~ self as she promised she would for her graduation to not be sad. Obviously, this had no effect on the broken down Junjun in the background.

My bets as to who cried and who didn’t: Cried: Junjun, Ai, Risa, Linlin Didn’t: Aika, Reina, Eri, Sayumi


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One Response to […V•O•T•E…] Week XXIII-XXVI

  1. aikorin says:

    Jpop should be less expensive, period.
    I feel guilty when I don’t buy singles because it costs 15$ for 2 tracks. Singles should be, like, 5$ XD
    Getting songs on iTunes is much cheaper, but they have a very small Jpop collection.
    Lol, I kind of agree about the Johnny’s thing seeing as Arashi has totally dominated the Oricon this year but as a huge, huge fan of them… I can’t complain XD
    I don’t really know much about Momusu, but I like Koharu. She’s pretty.

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