Dara – Kiss (ft. CL)

Kiss (ft. CL) is Dara’s debut solo digital single and it was released on September 7, 2009.


1. Kiss (ft. CL)

2NE1 begin their releases of multiple solo singles with Dara. Now while Kiss does indeed have its pros, it’s not without its cons. The song is your typical dance-pop Korean song and suffers from sounding like everything else you’ve listened to. Of course, a lot of K-Pop music sounds same-y, but Kiss only manages to hang on to the border of originality. Either way, Dara’s vocals are as good as in her 2NE1 releases, even if they are drowned in vocoder and not really her full potential. The song features CL in a  rapping section during the half-point of the song. It really is the best part of the song as CL’s charismatic rapping is done perfectly and fits nicely into the song. The chorus of the song is also a strong point, getting stuck on your head for hours on end.

While Kiss is the most Dara-sounding track(if it were given to any of the other girls), it’s really only drawn back by a lack of originality and stronger verses.

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