Bom – You And I

You And I is Bom’s debut solo digital single and it was released on October 28, 2009.


1. You And I

Bom was originally planed to debut as a soloist before joining 2NE1 and in You And I you can tell why that idea was once possible and why she is the groups main vocalist. An R&B ballad at its heart, this track was just made to be sung by Bom. The synth line that repeats throughout the whole song is brilliant and adds a certain flare to the song, setting it apart from typical piano ballads(although the piano is not absent in this song). Bom delivers an outstanding vocal performance, as would be expected by her and is, thankfully, void of any vocoder work, although it is layered during most of the song. The gorgeous piano melody, R&B beats, repeated synth, Bom’s vocals and the songs heartbroken atmosphere together create the best ballad released in K-Pop for 2009.

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3 Responses to Bom – You And I

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    I really like the song and Bom’s voice but I always get the feeling that her voice isn’t strong enough to carry the song alone. In 2NE1 you can always hear her and that’s a good choice but without the other girls singing with her it seems like there’s something missing. Maybe she can develope the kind of strength that I’m looking for in the next months. I’m sure that “You and I” won’t be her last solo song.

    • Jin says:

      Well I guess we can’t all have the same opinion. :P I really like her voice, but seeing as she’s already 25 and had various years as a(going to debut) singer, I don’t expect her voice to get any better.
      Though if someone is used to her voice only when live, than I can see what they mean. Her live voice is less than spectacular. xp
      Maybe everyone’s just used to hearing her in a group instead of solo. :3

  2. PrivateLaughter says:

    Oh, you’re right. She’s already 25…
    Maybe another type of song will do better then. But all and all I don’t think she sings bad. I really like it, she’s just not one of my Top 10 vocalists~

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