CL & Minzy – Please Don’t Go

Please Don’t Go is CL & Minzy’s debut digital single and it was released on November 20, 2009.


1. Please Don’t Go

Instead of releasing two separate solo songs, CL & Minzy team up to give us the most danceable digital single release yet, and although it expresses 2NE1’s style nicely, it isn’t without its drawback. Please Don’t Go is a kind of mid to high-tempo synth driven song that really makes sure to give priority to the two girls rapping skills, though singing still has its place, although minimal. Vocoding is in full effect but the fierce rapping more than makes up for it. Now the instrumental is quite bizarre, if not obnoxious. In an intent to make the song synth, a particularly annoying and repetitive synth line was added that lasts throughout the entire song, absent only during the chorus. That high-pitched beeping is my possibly only complain about the song, apart, possibly, from the songs abrupt change from a more R&B verse to a full-out pop chorus.

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