4minute – Jingle Jingle (feat. Mario, Amen)

Jingle Jingle (feat. Mario, Amen) is 4minute’s 2nd digital single and it was released on December 2, 2009.


1. Jingle Jingle (feat. Mario, Amen)

Honestly, Jingle Jingle doesn’t sound very much like a Christmas, the only factors are the slightly winter-y instrumental that the 8-bit synth in the song gives, along with repetition of the title and the word “Christmas” thrown around here and there. The song actually begins like some deep club track but is really a mid tempo, refreshing synth track with shimmering beats and synth. I was surprised at the amount of participation by the two featured rappers. While, fortunately, their rapping isn’t totally annoying, it is a bit too much at times and I would rather be hearing the girls heavily(possibly even more than ever before) vocoded vocals instead. The arrangement is a bit heavy, but you can’t deny and say that the song isn’t catchy, layered vocals and all.

Overall Rating



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