5 Worst Cases Of Lazy Eye In J-Pop

Let’s face it. When we first look at a picture of our beloved J-Pop stars, usually the first thing we look at is their face. More specifically, their eyes. Eyes can vary in many eyes, from shape, to size, to color and even bulgey-ness(see flumpool’s Ryuuta, who looks better with eyes closed).

Some examples we can think of immediately, such as K-Pop group Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In, whom has tiny and thin eyes

while other like the Queen of J-Pop herself, Hamasaki Ayumi, owns a GIGANTIC, unnatural pair of eyes, probably borrowed from some overgrown fish.

But sometimes, neither of those two cases matter. Sometimes something even worse happens. Something we all know as “lazy eye”. Admit it, we’ve seen it everywhere, from album covers, magazine scans and even promotional images. Theres nothing quite like the horror of having one perfectly normal eye and another mutated, wonkified, unresponsive one.

Thus I compiled a small list of the five biggest offenders in this category, limiting myself to the J-Pop genre.


5 Worst Cases Of Lazy Eye In J-Pop


5. Ex-v-u-den member Yui Okada on the cover of Suite Room Number 1.


Well what can I say. A perfectly good, elegant photo is ruined by the mess that is Okada. It seems as if that lazy eye just screwed up her entire face, messing up everything, then spreading on to Rika and Miyoshi. I’m sure the photo could have been taken again to not include that eye-drawing detail.


4. NEWS member Koyama Keiichiro in some magazine shoot.

Oh jebus, I don’t even know whats going on here.It’s like if the right(his right, not ours) had gone halfway through the double eye-lid surgery while the left one was left untouched. I think thats what makes him the ugliest NEWS member for me.


3. Tanaka Reina in life.

(“…like this big”)

What, you honestly didn’t expect me to include her? I’d rank her #1 but I’d feel bad placing her first place in anything. Anyway, here we have a prime example of the queen of all wonk doing at what she wonking does best, being wonky. Note her left eye’s rebelliousness when commanded to look at a certain object.


2. Utada Hikaru in Passion promo image.

I remember first seeing this image and just wondering for the heck of me why they didn’t take it again. The image(entirely) is pretty gorgeous, but it’s Utada’s eyes that ruin it. Interestingly enough, after looking at a ton of her discography photos, only in this picture, along with the official Passion single cover is she seen with a lazy eye. It’s totally absent in any other photos. Never again Hikki! (Oh and please release music. :\)


1. Shimizu Saki in life.

(What a bad photo of her >_<)

As much as I love her, Saki has a MAJOR lazy eye. IT JUST WON’T OPEN ALL THE WAY! It’s been like that for her with every photo shoot shes done, and even though I’m used to it, I await the day that a Berryz Koubou cover is released when the girl shall be even. Lazy eye or not, homegirl still manages to be sexy as heck and proves to be the fiercest member in the group(with that dancing, anyone would be).




EDIT: Yes, I know that some of the artists don’t even have lazy eyes. I’m aware that I am classifying them wrong. This post is simply for comical purposes so stop being so close-minded and just take it as a joke. The “Lazy Eye” in the title was just so I didn’t have to name the post “5 Weirdest Eyes in J-Pop”.


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19 Responses to 5 Worst Cases Of Lazy Eye In J-Pop

  1. Amy says:

    I dunno I’m kinda staring at Kokia’s gigantic nose

  2. wendybird says:



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  4. yossha says:

    LMFAO this post.

  5. Ashen Twilight says:

    What are you talking about! Reina Tanaka definitely has the worst case of lazy eye. It look like her eye is bent on facial domination!

  6. thejuggernaut says:

    what is a lazy eye anyhoo? it is incorrect to call it tho..
    Reina’s is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esotropia
    i still say you can hardly notice it in Okappai and Koyama… Utada’s and Captain’s are merely cases of muscles being inactive… or are caught because the muscle length is insufficient

    • Jin says:

      yea, I know that Reina’s isn’t a lazy eye, but I just didn’t want to change the name of the post to “5 Weirdest Eyes in J-Pop” simply because I wanted Reina to be in it.
      It’s really not supposed to be a serious post, just for laughs, but I guess not everyone will look at it the same way.

  7. Mariya says:

    Aw i feel this is post is a little harsh.
    And I hate people calling Ayumi Hamasaki the queen of jpop i think just for today’s generation. yeah she is big and everything but i think matsuda seiko and hibari misora are the real queens of japanese music.

    • Jin says:

      Well yea, a person will ever call an artist a “queen” or “empress” simply because they are popular in their current generation. It’s really a thing about their present popularity as now everyone is considering Namie to be the real queen. For me, I’ve never even heard of those two artists, whether they were really big in their prime or if they have the best voice ever(which than would make KOKIA the queen for me), so I can’t consider them queens. Than again, I don’t live in Japan or know much about older J-Pop music, so I can’t really say.
      I respect your opinion though. Everyone has their own queen.

  8. yonasu says:

    That photo of Shimizu Saki makes her look retarded, lol. All good findings though, looking forward to the next sets^^

  9. I think Captain’s problem might be Ptosis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ptosis_(eyelid)

    I only know about it because a girl from last season’s America’s Next Top Model had it, but hey!

  10. Aaron says:

    who cares? they are all probably richer and hotter than you will ever be….

  11. gladiolii says:

    Sigh. It’s only funny if it’s true, you know. Look up “lazy eye” on Google and see what you find. Most of the examples posted here simply have asymmetrical eyelids, which I also have, and for that, thanks for the ego bruise. But anyway, really. Look it up.

  12. Megumi says:


  13. Anne Beeche says:

    To be honest, I don’t find the asymmetrical eyes to be all that disfiguring. I actually have to look hard to see some of the imperfections, and even when I do see them, to me they still look like beautiful people.

    I think you may be making a mountain out of a molehill.

  14. koyasukiiii says:

    i hardly notice koyama.. && i still this hez hot.. www ♡

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