°C-ute is SHOCKINGLY! Airi-licious

So when I heard that the new cute PV was up, I, being the intense H!P stan that I am, raced for my life to go see it. Now, I had heard the song by radio rips before, so I won’t go into much detail about it(I’ll save that for the review) but it seems that °C-ute just MIGHT be going to their fiercer past, though they haven’t reached it yet.

So before I start stanning, here’s the PV:


So I start watching the PV…

@31: Oh, it’s Airi that sings the opening part, thought it was Maimi from the radio preview… Maimi must get the first verse than…

@52: Oh. Airi again. :\ Well, Maimi should get the rest of the verse.

@1:04: More Airi? O-o Maimi must get the bridge than…

@1:17: Oh look, singing together. Wait what?! Why is Maimi singing there?!?!

@1:24: MORE AIRI?! SRSLY?!?! WTF

@1:51: Okay, so maybe after Airi does this bit, Maimi will get the rest of the verse…

@2:04: Your kidding me right? :l

@2:16 – 3:48: UTTER SHOCK

Oh, so that’s why the song is named SHOCK.

I mean, come on Tsunku. After the two dead weight girls left, I bet everyone was hoping the “other three” would get lines, but NO ONE saw this coming. Seriously. How can Maimi be pwned in such a way? It’s almost… illegal to do that…. right? <_<

Ok, so Airi sounds good but this should never be repeated again. At least in FOREVER LOVE Airi & Maimi switched between lines, but this is just some line distribution hack.

Another Airi solo song ftl?

What do you all think about this Airi favoritism? If she’s you favorite member than I guess you might like it(I couldn’t say, my favorite spot is vacant atm) but if she isn’t than you might be very angry.


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