Maimi talks about Airi’s lines in SHOCK!

I came about an article of a translated magazine interview Maimi did. I found something quite interesting, when they asked her about the new SHOCK! single. I’ve always known Maimi to be a competitive girl, but never this much.

“…for the SHOCK! release, (Tsunku) decided that Airi-chan would have the lead part in the song. This wasn’t surprising to hear but now I knew what(the other members) felt during all of our past releases. It’s not always the best thing to hear but we just have to deal with it. Although it bothered me a bit, I didn’t want to cause any trouble(to the group)…”

OMG right? o-o Actually, that’s just a small part. The full translation is actually a lot more SHOCK!ing as she goes into detail.

Original article+full translation here. Recommended Reading!


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8 Responses to Maimi talks about Airi’s lines in SHOCK!

  1. PrivateLaughter says:

    You would think they aren’t allowed to show those sides of them, wouldn’t you?
    But I think it makes her a lot more likable. At least she speaks about her feelings. Hope she’ll be in the front again for the next single~

    • Jin says:

      Yea, agreed. Though I really think you should read the full article if you already didn’t. She actually says some pretty bitch-y stuff. o:

  2. PrivateLaughter says:

    I would love to do so but the link just directs me to a pic saying “NOT RLY”: :/

  3. Selryam says:

    And here I thought the idols were actually starting to grow some balls. Damn.

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