Complete & Total Dissection: H!P+2009

It might just be me, but don’t you guys just love how neat and organized H!P is now that all the trash has been taken out? :D

There’s too much stuff that I can ramble about regarding H!P happenings this year. It’s much easier for me to organize it into categories and work it out there. For some, it’s been an AMAZING year, the best of their career, but for some others… well, not so much. Of course, some other groups played it on the safe side. Then again, it’s all really Tsunku’s decisions and his choices for their releases.

Berryz Kobo

Truth be told, Berryz had a very… safe year. No graduations, no scandals, no wtf-y haircuts, nothing. They releases three singles, two being double a-sides, along with their first best album which included one new song.

The Good:

♠ Released awesome singles. The double a-side thing works for them.

♠ Put Natsuyaki Miyabi back in the spotlight she deserves. <3

♠ They look more stunning than ever.

♠ Sales are still stable.

The Bad:

♠ Kind of a boring year for them.

♠ No new album.

♠ Kumai Yurina still can’t sing.

The Future:

♠ Another double a-side single titled “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! / Otakebi Boy WAO!” set for March 3rd.


Oh boy. Definitely the attention-drawing group of the year, and not in a good way. Apart from Tsunku giving them really sucky music, they’ve lost two members(one being my favorite -o-). With their upcoming, they seem to be going in the right direction, if it weren’t for the Airi hogging.

The Good:

♠ Their Alo Hello! °C-ute DVD

The Bad:

♠ Arihara Kanna and Umeda Erika leaving.

♠ Crappy singles.

♠ Sales are in a slump.

♠ Maimi’s less than spectacular haircut.

♠ Saki looks weird.

♠ New member colors.

♠ Still no attention on the rest of the members.

The Future:

♠ New Suzki Airi feat. °C-ute single “SHOCK!” out in January.

♠ Possibly more Airi hax.

Morning Musume

Ahh… My wonderful Momosu. <3 2009 might be known as the “Emomosu” era I suppose. By the time Nanchatte Renai was released, I was honestly bored of that style of music for them, really. At least Tsunku is changing it up a bit now with Kimagure Princess and their upcoming single(<3). Still, if it weren’t for Eri hax in KP, I wouldn’t like it near as much. This year they released four singles, along with their 9th studio album and a b-side compilation.

The Good:

♠ Finally released a solid studio album.

♠ Their change in music style was temporary refreshing.

♠ Most a-sides were superb.

♠ Got their first #1 in the Oricon since Aruiteru.

♠ Eri hax in Kimagure Princess

The Bad:

♠ Kusumi Koharu graduating.

♠ Spotlight still mostly on Ai+Reina. More 8th gen love!

♠ Still no auditions.

♠ Sales are going doooooooooown.

The Future:

♠ New single “Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” in February.

♠ Possible 9th gen?

♠ Opportunity for another member to take Koha’s sometimes center spot? Aika filling in for Resonant Blue live ftw?


Winner of my favorite H!P group of the year is no doubt Buono!. A solid sophomore album, four singles(three of them being awesome) and already releasing another single, less than two months from their last. Lets face it, we all gotta love Buono! It’s pretty much the ideal group. Not to mention their unique rock-pop sound that sets them apart from other H!P groups.

The Good:

♠ Just plain awesome album and great singles.

♠ Constant new releases.

♠ Still keeping the line distribution even. <3 Don’t want my Miyabi to get pwned now.

♠ Best b-sides in the entire line-up.

The Bad:

♠ Apparently their sound isn’t as “Buono!” as it used to sound.

The Future:

♠ New single and album next February.

♠ Who will be in the center in photo shoots now? Momoko had an album+4 singles. Miyabi had an album+3 singles. Since Airi should also get at least three singles, so she’ll get the center in the upcoming releases. But what about after that? Back to Miyabi? <3

Mano Erina

Lolz, I’ve never noticed how huge her cheeks were before. Like her or not, you gotta give the girl props for being H!P’s only soloist, not to mention how freakin’ much she has developed since her debut. She released a whopping five singles and one album, which I would say overall were satisfactory.

The Good:

♠ Developed vocally and musically by a lot.

♠ Wasn’t afraid to try out different styles.

♠ Kept us entertained at least every two months.

♠ Even more gorgeous than when she debuted. <3

The Bad:

♠ Her music may still sound a little bland and boring to some.

♠ Her vocals, while improved, are still everyone’s biggest concern with her.

♠ Sales aren’t doing to well(only 5k the first week for FRIENDS!).

The Future:

♠ A new single for February.


Ahhh the H!P Eggs group. I love ’em to bits. <3 They just shine with freshness, like the future of the new H!P(one which started when Tsunku kicked out all the oldies). They’ve released three indie singles this year with a very poppy, cheerful sound.

The Good:

♠ Their fresh sound and appearance is definitely a relief to lots of wotas.

♠ A ton of potential to really turn into a powerhouse H!P group. Imagine fierce/C-ute-ish during FOREVER LOVE single S/mileage. Awesome right?

♠ Solid songs so far.

The Bad:

♠ Their songs are a little bit too typical pop sound for me.

♠ Vocals have a lot of room for improvement.

The Future:

♠ Major debut next Spring!

Guardians 4

I’m loving how Tsunku is making these new groups by bringing together girls from the three main groups instead of just girls from the same group. Guardians 4 has kinda always been “there” for me. I really do enjoy their music, and the line up is great as well(minus Ms. Talksforsinging).

The Good:

♠ Best “anime” music in H!P.

♠ Well rounded group of members with complimenting vocals.

The Bad:

♠ It’s an anime group, so all we’ll be getting is “anime” music.

♠ Kumai Yurina still can’t sing.

♠ Those fugly outfits.

The Future:

♠ New single “Going On!” for January.


Morning Musume auditions

C-ute’s future releases

Buono!’s album

Mano Erina developing as a vocalist

New groups!

S/mlieage’s major debut


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4 Responses to Complete & Total Dissection: H!P+2009

  1. Miyu says:

    very agree with you!
    me too I hope that Miya can shine more and to be back in front on buono’s covers ^.^

  2. PrivateLaughter says:

    Someone said something negative about Yurina! I love you~ Haven’t read something like that in a long time.
    I don’t get the °C-ute hype. The group consists for me of 2 boring girls, the one with the freakish smile and the two beauties without enough hair :/
    And when it comes to Guardians 4 I… don’t know. the 2 parts Berryz can’t sing and Saki and Aika are uninteresting to me.
    But the good things are the always good Berryz singles, Buono! gets better and better and with new members there will again be some action in Morning Musume. Looking foward to it!

    • Jin says:

      Lulz yea, I’m not a big Yurina fan. <_< I just watched the Berryz Kobo FC Tour in Hawaii thing and I actually got to learn more things about the group.
      1) Miyabi is a total bitch. If any other member were like her, I'd hate them, but since it's Miyabi, I can't hate her. xD
      2) Risako is terribly lacking emotions. xp She's very generic.
      3) Yurina is very sweet and gentle. She still can't sing though. Her voice bores me.
      4) I used to be a bigger Momoko fan, but recently her "cute" act has gotten kinda forced to me(more than it ever was). It'd be cool to see her not being cute.

      • PrivateLaughter says:

        1, That she’s kind of a bitch I realized while seeing a lot of gifs where she jumps in front of the camera when other members were making funny faces and stuff. She’s an attention whore~
        2, Could be. Her horrible singing is turning me away from her. And that she kind of has the body of my younger sister XD
        3, For me the first impression kind of ruined Yurina for me. I saw her in Maasa’s Yorosen week when they played ping pong and she was just… tall. There were no other actions coming from her.
        4, I never liked that. But I like her PBs. The fourth one was so damn beautifully colourful. I think I have to watch more subtitled stuff to really have an opinion on her…

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