Final Rankings: 2009 ~H!P & AKB48~

My my, theres so many things that I could say about H!P this year. Really, its been a heck of a ride. I can imagine many huge H!P fanatics having lost interest in it all, with the various graduations everywhere and the overall change of style that H!P gave off(although it has been something gradual ever since 2007). But I can also see H!P gaining a ton of new fans with various hits and the new units introduced this year, including the various revival units.

Release wise, 2009 had a TON of singles. Not only by its three flagship groups(three now, instead of just Momosu, which also since 2007 has been losing it’s priority as the main H!P representive), but by Mano Erina, S/mileage, Guardians 4, etc… Albums, while not as plentiful, actually proved to be quite enjoyable, though not without its flaws.

I must also mention the other type of breakthroughs this year brought. Morning Musume finally reaching #1 on the Oricon’s, selling as much or higher than Kanashimi Twilight with their Nanchatte Renai single, and of course, having gone to the Anime Expo in LA(which till today still haunts me in my dreams). We, as H!P fans, should really be proud of ourselves for having to had lived through the horror and joy that has been H!P this year.

Of course, the J-Pop idol market isn’t just H!P’s, we can’t forget about their suddenly more successful rivals, AKB48. Not let’s be blunt, AKB48 absolutely owned H!P this year, which ever way you put it. Sales, releases, stability, fan base, etc… and quite frankly, they deserved it. The way their singles are promoted is less than epic, with story-lines in their PV’s, catchy songs that no one could ever mimic and various little projects that just add to their fanbases’ delight.

Buono! – Buono! 2 | Morning Musume。- Platinum 9 DISC | Mano Erina – FRIENDS

AKB48 – 10nen Zakura | Buono! – Bravo☆Bravo | Buono! – MY BOY

Buono! – Buono! 2 | Mano Erina – Otome no Inori | Buono! – Take It Easy!

AKB48 – 10nen Zakura | Berryz Kobo – Ryuusei Boy | Buono! – MY BOY

AKB48 | Buono! | Morning Musume。

AKB48 – RIVER | Morning Musume。- Shouganai Yume Oibito | AKB48 – 10nen Zakura

Choosing this was no problem at all. I think that with RIVER, AKB48 not only set the bar for the best idol song of the year, but gave an example to H!P just exactly how a release should be. The powerful music video, the epic clapping opening of the song, the actual song itself, it’s originality, presence, everything is just so overwhelming about the song that it might even be too much for idol group novices. Congrats to AKB48 for releasing something so amazing, and they definitely got a good response, becoming their best-selling single and reaching #1 with 200k+ sold.

6-nin °C-ute

No, not 7-nin, nor 5-nin, but 6-nin. Upon Kanna’s official leave of the group, C-ute just felt weird, awkward and without a proper identity. If one notices, almost EVERY C-ute cover features Kanna and Erika in similar spots, the ends, edges, corners, back row, etc… However you put it, it wasn’t hard ot tell that those two were both the “dead weight” of the group and even though it seems harsh, it’s the truth. So thus Erika was now pasted upon the group, looking left out(the Bye Bye Bye! Single V cover) and still not getting anymore lines than the usual. Apart from that, the groups sound had an awful turn for the worst, releasing that forgettable cover and then a yucky 80’s inspired generic pop song. Now that we have 5-nin C-ute, we can only hope things get better, though everything would just be better if neither girls left.

Mano Erina

I simply couldn’t deny giving this to Erina. She has really given it her all this year, whether she have the best vocals or not, or if her singles really are that great. She debuted majorly this year, having released 3 indie singles in 2008 and a grand total of 5 singles plus an album, with a new single already planned for next February. Her consistency is really quite impressive and we’ve learned that she’s not afraid to change her musical style, having branched off her typical ballad-y/soft piano songs seen in her earlier releases to funner, bouncier tracks, even though they are void of her piano playing. I’m hoping that next year she will improve her vocals further and try even more new musical styles. Three cheers for H!P’s sole soloist!

There you have it. The best(and worst) of H!P & AKB48 all summarized for you. I can’t wait until 2009 gets going so I can have that sensational feeling again. You know, the one you get when the previews for Morning Musume’s new single come out, along with the covers. ;D You know you can’t deny it. Stay tuned for the winners in the J-Pop and K-Pop category~


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10 Responses to Final Rankings: 2009 ~H!P & AKB48~

  1. ladybird says:

    Great post! Of course it’s very subjective and I disagree with some of the choices but still enjoyed reading your comments. I agree that C-ute was the biggest flop. I’m of an opinion that 5-nin might not be such a bad idea, although risky. Ch-ch-changes are always like that. Tsunku should lay off a bit and look around to observe the tendencies and stop producing the 80s songs ==

    • Jin says:

      Thanks. ^-^ Glad you enjoyed it. 8)
      Since I’m such an anti-80’s music person, having them in H!P songs is never a good thing for me. >_:3

  2. wendychi says:

    Lol @ AKB48’s stability
    ‘Cause you know, in August the three teams got shuffled like crazy. And four girls got canned from the main group. And there were several graduations unrelated to the shuffling.

    But oh well, AKB still rocks really hard. 8D <3

    • Jin says:

      lulz, I didn’t mean it like that. xD I meant in the J-Pop market. :P You know, solid amount of releases and sales didn’t take a plunge, like a certain other group.

  3. NyNy says:

    I think I’m a bit upset the fact they graduated most of the best members of Hello!Project e.g Miki Fujimoto, Tsuji Nozomi but I guess they all wanted to grow up and do something better than what they usually do, huh?

    I’m not too fond of that Mano Erika, probably because she is part of the newer Hello!Project but in my opinion, I don’t think she can sing or dance.
    I agree with you on C-ute, those were two of my favourites members (along with Okai Chisato) and I’m disappointed they left. Have you heard SHOCK? Airi’s lines are dominant and it’s annoying because the other girls CAN sing, the youngest is getting taller too.

    I see you have a big love for Buono! and AKB48 and why they are high, mind recommending me some songs from them, didn’t really like River. Only song I have ever liked from them is Skirt Hirai.

    • Jin says:

      Oh yea, SHOCK! is a total mess. xp Really not looking forward to it as much as I was before I saw the PV.

      And I’m surprised you didn’t like RIVER. xD But I can imagine that for a newbie, it could be a bit too much. A much safer approach and a more recent song would be 10nen Zakura. Namida Surprise as well. Pretty much all their singles released this year were epic.
      As for Buono!, Rottara Rottara is a huge favorite(and catchy as heck). If you want something less cute and more aggressive, than MY BOY is for you. ;3 Buono! music is just good all around~
      Good luck. :D

      • NyNy says:

        I’ve known about AKB48 for 2 years since listening to J-Pop since 2006, though I am a newbie to their songs.

        And I know about Buono a lot, just AKB48 I’m not sure about. I have five songs of theirs: Honto no Jibun, Kiss! x3, Gachinko de Ikou, MY BOY and Bravo.

  4. PrivateLaughter says:

    Yes, more and more AKB48! I don’t know how they did it but they almost made me lose interest in H!P. But only almost.
    And the new header etc. are pretty awesome. I remember how you used the black/white pics from her first PB when I first visited this blog. Good old times xD
    I wanted to write more but the piece of paper my notes were on got wet and I threw it away. Maybe I remember some of it later~

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