[…V•O•T•E…] Week XXIX

Week of 12/20 – 12/27 (43 votes)

For this Christmas themed poll, I asked you guys which artist had been the most naughty and which has been the most nice throughout the year. Ya’ll were supposed to vote one each, but seeing as I have an odd-numbered amount of votes, someone decided to be rebellious. >_>

Who’s been the most naughty and nice this year?


  1. Naughty Tsunku. Kicking out all the old people from H!P.: 13 votes
  2. Naughty Kumi. Damaging our ears with sucky music.: 10 votes
  3. Naughty Namie. Tricking us into buying thousands of her albums.: 5 votes


  1. Nice Ayu. Being all double a-sideish for double the trouble.: 8 votes
  2. Nice Erina. Releasing solo music all while being non-slutty.: 4 votes
  3. Nice alan. Always keeping us busy downloading.: 3 votes

Tsunku was such a bad boy this year. >:l Apart from giving C-ute uber crappy music, he gave the boot to all the Elder Club members. D: Though for me, while it was sad and shocking at first, I’m okay with it now. H!P is a lot more young and organized now~ Though I don’t see why he had to kick out Kanna too. -o-

Kumi came second, having released just a ton of shit this year, really. <_< And now she’s rushing her next album release. Yay, another best. -_-

Apparently Ayumi was a good girl this year~ All her singles were double a-sides and really, none of them were anything above average. I wouldn’t give any of them more than 4 stars… (well, maybe Rule / Sparkle).

And I guess with alan… that you guys out there actually buy music instead of downloading it. xD I mean, I’d do it, but I is broke. :( LONG LIVE MEDIAFIRE AND MEGAUPLOAD!!!

Ew :l


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One Response to […V•O•T•E…] Week XXIX

  1. robin says:

    koda kumi rules! can’t wait for new album universe next month

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