Mano Erina- Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo

Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo is Mano Erina’s 4th major single and it was released on September 20th, 2009. It reached #7 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 16,568 copies.


1. Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo
2. Happy Birthday Mama
3. Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo (Instrumental)

I’m going to be honest and say that it took me a VERY long time to get into Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo. Mano’s back into her original music style, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing(not for me anyway) but it was the song itself which caused problems. It has a slight winter feeling to it but it doesn’t make it a “winter” song and features the return of Mano’s piano. Her vocals are once again improving although the instrumental is lacking any flavor. The chorus is better, though Erina’s vocals get a little dangerous at times. I like the song, but it’s not as good as her previous piano songs.

Happy Birthday Mama is the upbeat b-side, thus, worrying me. The arrangement isn’t as synthy as it should be and Mano just sounds bizarre here, like if she asked to make her voice sound as digital as she could, but without editing it. I had a very hard time getting through the chorus because of her loud, strained vocals. If it weren’t for this problem and a less generic instrumental, I might have enjoyed this song more.

Looks like Tsunku stepped it down from her last single.  If you don’t like the a-side at first, I’d understand as it took me weeks to finally enjoy it. Heck, you might never like it as it’s not that good of a song. The b-side is another forgettable track however.

Overall Rating



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