Mano Erina – Love & Peace = Paradise

Love & Peace = Paradise is Mano Erina’s 5th major single and it was released on November 25th, 2009. It reached #12 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 15,278 copies.


1. Love & Peace = Paradise
2. Love & Peace = Paradise feat. Hello Kitty
3. 18sai no Kisetsu
4. Love & Peace = Paradise (Instrumental)

Love & Peace = Paradise takes the cake as Mano’s best upbeat song, no doubt about it. It has something that the rest of her songs were missing. A catchy hook. It’s really the first time a Mano song has one, so it’s quite a relief to see it. Her vocals sound great, although a bit strained during the chorus, but it’s forgivable. The arrangement is very typical H!P(synth, and some random, fun, kiddy sounds), and the Mano piano is absolutely missing in this track, which is not as shocking as it’s presence has gradually been missing ever since she went major.

The b-side falls into that J-Country genre that is always so detestable. 18sai no Kisetsu is still piano-less and there really isn’t much that I can say about it. Some guitar here and there, awkward sounds and Mano’s not-as-good vocals. It does have its catchy moments though, like the clapping bits and the chorus(which Mano sounds particularly well in). Gah, but I hate that ending though.

Mano’s 5th single is both good and bad for me. I obviously don’t have to tell you which is which. While Mano can pull off upbeat tracks, I kinda wish she’d release another song along the lines of Otome no Inori. Her vocals have seen a huge improvement ever since the disaster that was Lalala-Sososo.

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2 Responses to Mano Erina – Love & Peace = Paradise

  1. wendychi says:

    Though you know, if you watch the PV, she’s playing a keyboard. =_____= I was like WHY MUST THEY INCLUDE THAT? ;_;

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