Hamasaki Ayumi – GREEN / Days

GREEN / Days is Hamasaki Ayumi’s 44th single and it was released on December 17th, 2008. It reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 190,891 copies.


Days / GREEN version
1. Days (Original mix)
2. GREEN (Original mix)
3. LOVE ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary version)
4. Days (Original mix -Instrumental-)
5. GREEN (Original mix -Instrumental-)
6. LOVE ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary version -Instrumental-)

GREEN / Days version
1. GREEN (Original mix)
2. Days (Original mix)
3. TO BE (10th Anniversary version)
4. GREEN (Original mix -Instrumental-)
5. Days (Original mix -Instrumental-)
6. TO BE (10th Anniversary version -Instrumental-)

It took a long time for me to get into both a-sides of this single. At first, I found them average, something that I would only listen to for a short while but not until recently did I learn to really enjoy them.

GREEN could be considered pop, well, it is, but it has a very strong oriental  flavor with drums and well, all those oriental like instruments. They really shine during that epic chorus though and Ayu’s vocals are top-notch in every part of the song. No complaints there. It’s a very beautiful and well crafted song that should definitely be given a listen.

On the other hand, we have you winter ballad. Days is kind of similar to Together When… from her last album, but has that even stronger winter feeling. Ayu once again impresses with her vocals but compared to her other ballads, I think this song is missing a certain punch to it. At least the GUILTY ballad was beyond epic but this one is a little more standard in terms of arrangement and climax. Still, it’s a very gorgeous ballad.

The 10th Anniversary version LOVE ~Destiny~ features a new, fresh instrumental along with new(and better) vocals. I definitely enjoyed this version of the slower pop song to the former simply because of Ayu’s smokier, stronger vocals(and well, that intense vibrato).

However, TO BE didn’t have as big of an improvement compared to its original. Either way, I prefer this one to the prior simply because I enjoy this song more, especially that amazing chorus. Ayu’s vocals are strangely high-pitched here however.

Ayu’s 44th(wow!) single in her career was a very solid effort. While other may enjoy the a-sides more than I did, I wasn’t a huge raving fan of the single, although it had a lot of enjoyable material.

Overall Rating



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