Hamasaki Ayumi – Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~

Sunrise / Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ is Hamasaki Ayumi’s 46th single and it was released on August 12th, 2009. It reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 110,169 copies.


1. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~
2. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~
3. “fairyland-glitter-BLUE BIRD-Greatful days-July 1st” Mega-Mash-Up-Mix
4. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ (Instrumental)
5. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ (Instrumental)

Take the same formula you use to make an Ayumi summer song and you get Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~. Really, it sounds like every other summer song she’s done. The opening has some nice pulsating synth but immediately goes into the first verse, which I’m not a fan of how it was arranged as I’m not into “quiet verse, loud verse”, that is unless its pulled off very well, which is not the case here. I will admit, the song does have it’s catchy bits with the whole “motto ooki na koe de, motto ooki na ai wo” thing. I like the energy the song has as well and Ayu’s slightly layered vocals.

Though I can be very picky about Ayu ballads, Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ got to me. I honestly didn’t like the song AT ALL at first, but now it has turned into one of my more favored Ayu ballads. I like the ethereal feeling from the synth and Ayu’s controlled vocals during the verses. But by the time the chorus arrives, the song turns into a beautiful sweeping ballad and Ayu’s vocals become a lot more smokier and deep. Really like the way this song was brought together. And if you didn’t know, it has the same melody from Sunrise, and the same lyrics in some parts.

Avex threw in “fairyland-glitter-BLUE BIRD-Greatful days-July 1st” Mega-Mash-Up-Mix as an extra summer treat. The beginning is very cool like if it were going through radio stations and all of them played Ayu’s summer songs. Once the mash-up begins however, you can really tell how similar each song is. By the time the third song arrived, they were all BLUE BIRD‘s to me. The transitions, while short, are pretty slick too.

Ayu’s summer single is definitely very summer-y indeed. While Sunrise was just another summer song for the collection, Sunset was a beautiful ballad that definitely deserves more appreciation. As for that mash-up, well, let’s just consider it a whole song. How about “Summer Song”? :D

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