°C-ute – SHOCK!

SHOCK! is °C-ute’s 11th major single and it was released on January 6, 2010. It reached #5 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 23,389 copies.


2. Ikiyouze!
3. SHOCK! (Instrumental)

I guess you could say that C-ute’s latest a-side stayed true to its title as I bet many of us were shocked upon first hearing SHOCK! Don’t expect this to be some electronic song because of its name, rather it’s more of your typical C-ute pop with some Arabian sounds and just the slightest hint of going into the “fierce” zone, but overall failing to reach it. I’ve no complaints about the instrumental(it’s very safe, though good at drawing you in) but it’s the vocals that kill me. It’s literally Suzuki Airi featuring the C-ute girls. IT’S AIRI HAX! I though Tsunku took a very stupid decision to give no other girl any solo lines. The most they get are random “cha~”‘s here and there. Catchy song and all, too much Airi can be dangerous.

I bet many people will fall in love with Ikiyouze! because of its instrumental or chorus, but I’m gonna try not to fall into that category and be as neutral as I can, though I must admit that it is better than your usual b-side. Better line distribution(Maimi should never again be left without lines) than the a-side is the only real advantage it has to it. The chorus, while simple, is really catchy and the swinging, electric guitar heavy instrumental isn’t bad either, although it should have had more presence during the chorus because it’s pretty linear during the entire track.

SHOCK! was good, I’m not going to deny it. Nothing amazing, but it does seem that C-ute might be getting my attention back, depending on what Tsunku plans up next. I’m totally against the feat. C-ute thing though. Solo lines to only one girl in an A-SIDE of all things should always be avoided. At least let it be like Resonant Blue or FOREVER LOVE, but not like this a-side. The b-side this time around was pretty solid, though nothing I’ll be falling in love with anytime soon.

Overall Rating



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