2PM – 2:00PM Time For Change

2:00PM Time For Change is 2PM’s 2nd single and it was released on April 23, 2009.


1. What Time Is It Now
2. Again & Again
3. I Hate You♠♠
4. You Might Comeback
5. Again & Again (R&B Mix)
6. Again & Again (Inst.)
7. I Hate You (Inst.)
8. You Might Comeback (Inst.)

The single actually opens with an introduction. While What Time Is It Now doesn’t really flow into the next track well, it’s a solid intro even though it’s really up there in the cheesy factor.

Again & Again was 2PM’s rise into popularity, but is it really that good? Well, while it isn’t the most amazing thing ever, it certainly isn’t bad. It’s still on that pop-R&B style that 2PM are known for but with a heck of a lot better arrangement, along with steadier vocals(and some vocoding to top it off). I guess you could say that the chorus is really what made the song so popular. Not my personal favorite song, but it’s still really enjoyable.

Just like in their previous single, I preferred I Hate You over the title track. It actually starts off pretty gloomy and slow(along with lots of vocoder) but really picks up into this uptempo but still serious tone when the fabulous chorus arrives. I think it’s how original and different the song is that makes me love this track over their others.

You Might Comeback is really that heartbroken R&B type of song but even so, it’s pretty good, no matter how much I may dislike that type of music. Instrumental also gets extra points from me.

The R&B Mix of Again & Again sort of butchers various layers from the original and adds simpler beats along with new vocals and additional lines. I actually consider this an option to the original since it’s pretty good. It’s definitely more laid back than the original so that could be another deciding factor.

JYP stepped it up for 2PM’s second single. Unlike their first, they managed to find a sound for themselves even though they did the same “type” of songs from their debut. I also noticed a higher use of vocoder in this single which isn’t totally bad but did get a bit unnecessary at times.

Overall Rating



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3 Responses to 2PM – 2:00PM Time For Change

  1. NyNy says:

    You are quite late. You should check out recent performances of Tired of Waiting and Heartbeat. Right now, they have finished promoting.

    Hope you comment on my new entry!

  2. Jin says:

    haha yea, I know what there up to. >_< It's just I had to get these singles out of the way so I could do their album. :P

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