2PM – Hottest Time Of The Day

Hottest Time Of The Day is 2PM’s debut single and it was released on September 25, 2008.


1. 10 Points Out of 10
2. Only You
3. Angel
4. 10 Points Out of 10 (Old School ver.)
5. 10 Points Out of 10 (Inst.)
6. Only You (Inst.)

There’s a lot of things that I dislike about 10 Points Out of 10 and very little that I enjoy. The verses are intolerably sluggish and that electric guitar just tries to add a “toughness” to that song that shouldn’t be there. A humming kind of noise in the background is also utterly annoying and the boys vocals are a bit annoying. If there is anything I like about the song, it’s that very catchy yet cheap chorus, but that’s it. The song seems to lack an identity for the boys to base themselves off since it’s thrown into many genres. Not the best debut track in my opinion.

Fortunately Only You is a lot better. There’s this underlying synth line that I really love and is only accompanied by some clapping and simple R&B beats. The boys vocals also serve as part of the instrumental since they beatbox in some parts of the song. I liked the way that the song didn’t have a “climax” point, thus not making a certain part of the song good nor bad. 2PM’s vocals were also a lot more emotional and overall enjoyable.

Angel is a funkier twist on the R&B formula with soulful vocals from the guys. Even so, it’s really only there for me. While the arrangement is pretty creative and different, I just don’t find anything form that song that draws me into it.

At the very beginning of the Old School version of 10 Points Out Of 10 I thought that I was going to enjoy it more than the original since it ditches that annoying humming in the background. Unfortunately the overall change in instrumental for the song is terribly bad. Not only does it make the song seem really bland, but they added bottle tapping sounds int the chorus, which was the final straw for me.

You could say that I was unimpressed with 2PM’s debut. Only You was the only song I enjoyed while Angel was just there for me and the title track, unfortunately, had to many negatives for me to really become addicted to.

Overall Rating



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