[…V•O•T•E…] Week XXXI

Week of 1/3 – 1/10 (28 & 55 votes)

Last week was once again another double feature. I can definitely see that the Aika haters had their voices heard. FIGHT ON AIKA! >:O

Mitsui Aika is getting Koharu’s lines from now on. Thoughts?

  1. Awesome! She can finally get more attention this way. Shes deserved it. – 8 votes
  2. Lolz. I wanna see her totally make a fool of herself during Resonant Blue. / Ugh. Why couldn’t they have just taken the safe route and given them to Ai like they’ve always done? – 6 votes
  3. All that matters is that 8th gen now has a theme song! Guruguru JUMP! / Wait, people still care about Momosu and those ugly girls? It’s all about AKB48 now. – 4 votes

Well, it’s really a small gap between the lovers and the haters. I myself am a lover, obviously, but I will admit that my love for Aika has fallen recently. She went from my 2nd favorite to my 4th, being passed by JunLin. <3 I wonder how the AKB48 fans feel about the new single. I myself think it’s pretty good and a nice change for once.

Two most important factors of being a successful idol?

  1. Personality. Fans do not want to be falling asleep during the interviews. Bring some life into them! – 18 votes
  2. Singing. No matter what, if your a singer and your bad at what you do, than no one will be interested. – 14 votes
  3. Genuinity. As perfect as you seem during your public appearances, modern wotas love idols who are the same person 24/7. – 11 votes
  4. Image. An idol with a face like Stephanie’s and a body like Reina’s is not gonna get noticed. – 7 votes
  5. Dancing. No one wants to go see an idol live only to find her standing the entire time. The less stiff, the better! – 5 votes

Personality reigned supreme here it seems. I love how you all voted a genuine idol over an attractive one. I’m not a big fan of idols like Momoko for example. You know, uber cute on TV GENKI!!!! ETC… but if you were to come across her in the street, she’d be completely the opposite. Based on personality, singing and being genuine… I think(out of H!P) that’d I’d pick out four idols that fit that nicely. Hot, can sing, and are as bitchy/dumb on TV and in normal life.

They are…

Oh what a coincidence! Kamei and Miyabi, my favorite members from their respective groups, are both there. Maybe that’s why I <3 them so much…


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2 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week XXXI

  1. Miyu says:

    yup, yup, Miyairi! <3 ^.^

  2. NyNy says:

    I can only hope H!P gets better and has more talented members and better shows like Haro!Moni.

    Hope you comment on my new entry!

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