[…V•O•T•E…] Week XXXII

Week of 1/10 – 1/17 (23 votes)

Last week’s question was pretty simple. H!P has a huge amount of releases lately but in the general J-Pop world there was really only one “huge” release coming soon. That would be the Slut Queen herself. Let’s see what the readers anticipated the most…

Which are you anticipating the most?

  1. Koda Kumi – Single+Best+Album – 11 votes
  2. Buono! – Single+Album – 5 votes
  3. Morning Musume – Single+Album – 4 votes
  4. C-ute – Album – 2 votes
  5. Berryz Kobo – Single – 1 vote
  6. S/mileage – Major debut – 0 votes

Oh my. O: I’m actually more surprised that Buono! beat out Momosu than Kuu pwning everyone else(since I know not all of you are H!P stans, or heck, maybe you are but just love Kuu more than you should </3).

And what’s this? Still no S/mileage hardcore fans yet? ;3 I feel we’re gonna get some soon. Heck, I may be one if they stop releasing cutesy stuff. FIERCE S/MILEAGE!!! Meh, S/mileage doesn’t sound like a very fierce group name… Than again neither does C-ute.

FIERCE -1(?)


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