2PM – 1:59PM

1:59PM is 2PM’s 1st album and it was released on November 14, 2009.


1. My Heart
2. Heartbeat♠♠♠♠♠
3. Tried Of Waiting♠♠♠
4. I Was Crazy About You♠♠♠♠
5. Gimme The Light
6. Back 2U
7. All Night Long
8. Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
9. 10 Points Out of 10
10. Only You (Acoustic Mix)
11. Again & Again
12. I Hate You (Lounge Mix)
13. You Might Comeback (Bossa Nova Mix)

2PM’s two earlier singles before the release of their debut album were definitely very misleading in terms of the quality and style that we would receive from them. Fortunately, the album is only an advance in each and every factor of their previous efforts, be it vocals, arrangement or quality.

I like to split the album up into three sections. The first is made up of the “highlight” tracks(AKA the best songs on the album) and are tracks 1-4. My absolute favorite song from the album is Heartbeat and its no surprise. Each member shines in their own way here and the entire song is just so eerie and perfect. The violin work is superb as well and create the perfect atmosphere with the heartbeats in the background. It’s respective intro My Heart matched just perfectly as the two seem to be one of the same.

My other two favorites are similar to each other in a way as well, although they give off entirely different vibes. Tired Of Waiting, as the name implies, is an impatient, steady track with a slight R&B flair but maintains that synth-pop sound and it just sounds so marvelous. That repeating synth line is genius and the vocals are top-notch. On the other hand, I Was Crazy About You features marching sounds and features a piano, thus it’s a moodier song with a very climatic chorus and a rap section that’ll just raise your hairs with every listen. Two truly wonderful tracks.

The next part of the album are the three more laid-back, R&B songs. First is Gimme The Light which is a quality R&B track without entering that overproduced sound yet still sounding refined. I was surprised by how much I like it since R&B songs usually take a lot to get to me. BACK2U is more laid-back than the former and I would consider it a bridge between the two tracks before and after it. While it’s still R&B, it’s slower and has a slightly sensual sound to it. All Night Long however is straight up SEX MUSIC. It’s quite surprising to hear how sensual it is. I guess it’s a fangirl’s paradise.

The last part of the album include the previous released songs and remixes. I must admit that after that first part of the album, songs like Again & Again and 10 Points Out Of 10 sound really outdated and just not as enjoyable as they used to be. While the former still fits in with the album, the latter just sounds like some rejected debut track now.

The four releases are fortunately really great, minus the Red Light Mix of Heartbeat which just gets rid of what makes the track so different and eerie, it’s instrumental and instead replaces it with a typical R&B+piano arrangement.

  • The Acoustic Mix of Only You is even better than the original. It seems to polish up the song a lot better but without sounding boring and maintaining it’s soul. Although it’s only really guitar the whole time, it’s quite enjoyable and pretty.
  • The ever popular I Hate You receives the Lounge Mix, although I get everything but a lounge vibe from it. I consider it more of an alternate version to the original since it sounds like the typical more dance-oriented remixes that K-Pop tracks tend to get. Still pretty good.
  • Last is the interesting Bossa Nova Mix of You Might Comeback. Now this definitely sounds more like a lounge sound but when compared to the original, it features more relaxing, softer instruments and a laid-back, almost tropical atmosphere.

Unlike most K-Pop albums that only have 2 or 3 “good” new tracks, JYP made sure to keep the quality of the album high by taking great care in the production of every song. Vocals were top-notch, with the respective vocalists doing the amount of singing they should be doing(not giving Nichkhun an insane amount of lines, for example) and each track was different from the others. This album is the perfect example as to what K-Pop groups should strive for these days.

Overall Rating



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