Week of 1/17 – 1/31 (52 & 18 votes)

Oops, this is a little late. Anyway, I had the first poll up for two weeks and the other for one. Sorry they weren’t very creative again, my brain juices haven’t been their best lately.

What would you do to see your favorite artist live?

  1. Depends on price, when, where, which songs, etc… (AKA IM NOT THAT HARDCORE) – 28 votes
  2. Work my butt off to get the money to go. @_@ – 9 votes
  3. SEE MOMOSU LIVE? O_O I’D SELL MAH SOUL!!! – 8 votes
  4. Sell my rotten amniotic fluid. ;D – 5 votes
  5. I’ve already seen them live so there’s not much else I would do.– 2 votes

Shame on you guys. I’d do ANYTHING to see someone like Utada, Ayu, Kuu or anything H!P live. -o- Well of course, I had the opportunity to see Momosu at Aniem Expo and didn’t go… It was too far away, k?! D: Good to see there’s 8 H!P stans out there that would see their soul, it gives me hope on you guys.

Which future H!P release is most likely to ~FLOP~?

  1. Momosu’s Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai. Same-old formula as always. And no Koha! D: / C-ute’s Shocking 5. Five Airi solos! =D – 5 votes each
  2. Buono!’s We are Buono!. They just won’t sound like the Buono! we all love anymore. / S/mileage’s Otona ni Narutte Katashi. NO MOAR CUTE ANIME POP PLEASE! D= – 3 votes each
  3. Mano Erina’s Haru no Arashi. No matter how awesome the song, her vocals still suck. – 2 votes

Totally agree with you guys. Honestly, I’m not very excited for this new Momosu single. It just seems so similar to their last 4 singles. They need to pull another Aruiteru or something. As for the C-ute album, well, I never had much hope for it. Based on their recent craptastic releases, I have VERY low expectations for the album.

Buono! however has me kind of nervous. I loved both of their previous albums but I’m curious about what direction Tsunku will take with their music this time. Our Songs was a very serious single from them… It’s safe to say that the cute Buono(from K!K!K!) is gone.

MANO SHALL TRIUMPH!!!!!!!! >:D *mano fan*


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2 Responses to […V•O•T•E…] Week XXXIII – XXXIV

  1. monochromeblues says:

    lol, the last Morning Musume song I heard was “Koi no Dance Site”. I’m not a fan of H!P type stuff, but you large FLOP sign makes me want to X_X

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