Buono! – Our Songs

Our Songs is Buono!’s 10th single and it was released on February 3, 2010. It reached #8 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and has sold 15,227 copies.


1. Our Songs
3. Our Songs (Instrumental)

Buono! always seems to deliver. That’s what makes me anticipate every release from this group no matter the crappy cover. This time around with Our Songs Buono! seems to dive deeper into their more serious, angst rock style and not their cuter work from the past. Expect the typical electric guitar, drums and all that along with one of the best vocals I’ve heard from the girls yet. While the chorus took a bit to grow on me, the verses had me at first listen because of the solos each girl gets and how much they own it.

To my surprise MIRACLE HAPPY LOVE SONG, completely contrary to its name, is a lot more serious and mature than the a-side. All the pop stuff is literally thrown out the window and replaced by even more awesome rock all over the place. It didn’t even take long for me to grow in love with this song especially since that chorus is so wonderful. Also, I tend to confuse Airi’s and Miyabi’s voices at some points but don’t worry, line distribution in this single is even all around.

I think Buono! fans should get used to the sound Tsunku has given them now. Honestly, I’m all up for it though I wouldn’t complain if we get another cute pop-rock single like Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!. Since the group is made up of three great vocalists, it’s nice to know that they can indeed deliver vocally.

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4 Responses to Buono! – Our Songs

  1. ladybird says:

    I find both songs pretty monotonous. I got a feeling that Bravo Bravo began a new trend for Buono and it’s not a good one :/ My Boy was a good direction. Our Songs sounds a bit bland. But it’s just my opinion :)
    Yep, they definitely can deliver vocally. Momo without helium is listenable :D

    • Jin says:

      Yea, I guess your not very much into the new sound that Buono! is doing lately.
      I can see how you consider Our Songs kind of bland cause compared to their previous singles, it is a bit more safe and a little less “creative”.
      Well lets hope Tsunku mixes it up for Buono! on future releases. >_<

  2. monochromeblues says:

    The girl on the right looks white XD

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