S/mileage – aMa no Jaku

ama no Jaku is S/mileage’s debut indies single and it was released on June 7, 2009.


1. aMa no Jaku
2. aMa no Jaku (Instrumental)

It seems that whether an H!P track is indies or major, it doesn’t effect it’s quality as S/mileages debut track aMa no Jaku is actually really impressive. Although the opening instrumental(and throughout the entire song really) screams “typical anime pop song”, what surprised me was how really opposite the song is to that stereotype. The instrumental is crisp and fresh and vocally, the girls really impressed me. I’d have to say that while their voices have a lot of maturing, they sound overall better than groups like Guardians 4 and the new revival groups.

I’m anxious to see what these girls will sound  like in two or so years. They definitely have the potential to become a powerhouse H!P group.

Overall Rating



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2 Responses to S/mileage – aMa no Jaku

  1. ladybird says:

    Stating that S/mileage sounds better than revival groups is a bold statement but I see your point.
    I’m not a fan of this particular song. It entered my left ear and run pass my ominous brain and swiftly left through my left ear leaving nothing remarkable behind :)

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