S/mileage – Suki-chan

Suki-chan is S/mileage’s 3rd indies single and it was released on November 23, 2009.


1. Suki-chan
2. Suki-chan (Instrumental)

Unlike their two previous efforts, Suki-chan is something I could see a major H!P group like C-ute releasing, but really only as a b-side. I guess what gives it that “major but b-side” sound must be those electric guitar solos between the singing that Tsunku loves so very much. The song is still cutesy and bubbly but doesn’t over do, fortunately and the girls showcase more personality in their vocals since most of the song is solos. Let’s not forget to mention the awesome “suki-chan” chanting bit near the end. Chanting almost always wins in H!P songs.

Overall Rating



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One Response to S/mileage – Suki-chan

  1. ladybird says:

    Woah. I skipped this song and focused on the PV, which was btw too much like G4’s ‘Party time’ to my liking, and when I read in your review that chanting is awesome I listened to the song again I fell in love with the chanting immediately! It IS awesome :) Unfortunately, it’s the only good thing about the song. A matter of opinion I guess.

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