Girls’ Generation – Gee

Gee is Girls’ Generation’s 1st mini-album and it was released on January 7, 2009.


1. Gee♠♠
2. Way to Go!
3. Dear. Mom
4. Destiny
5. Let’s Talk About Love

When it comes to Girls’ Generation’s first mini-album, there isn’t much to look out for other than Gee, the song that caused an explosive sensation. It’s not like it shouldn’t have either, the song is ADDICTIVE. There is no other pure pop song with refreshing synth and explosive vocals as this. Plus, that “gee gee gee gee gee” hook is to die for. Any K-Pop fan has listened to this song at least once. Unfortunately, all other songs on mini aren’t quite up to par to this song(of course, 80% of ANY other K-Pop song isn’t).

Way to Go! would probably be the only other song that I would listen to casually. I think it’s that rock sound that draws me into it since the song is very energetic and happy. The girls sound superb as well and display a lot of their personality in their vocals. This track shows that they can mold their voices into various styles of music.

I dread the Korean ballad. Dear. Mom is one of those. I’ll be honest and say that K-Pop ballads bore me to hell, no matter how great the vocals are(which they usually are). Unless it has some great instrumental and a melody that keeps me interested, than I’ll give it a pass. Unfortunately, this song posses neither and thus bores me. At least the vocals are soothing.

The verses in Destiny are just a mess but at least it gets slightly better as the song draws on, although I can’t help but label this song as a messy and awkward synthy song that tries to sound dark and sleek.

Let’s Talk About Love is a better approach to a sound much more familiar to them and gives off a small 80’s vibe with the retro synth and classic beat line it has but the girl’s vocals give it a modern sound. The safer and more relaxed pop sound works well with the girls and shouldn’t be overlooked, even if it is pretty simple.

So while this album did fall for the K-Pop formula that every album song will be worse than the title track, only two of the tracks totally flopped in my book while the other two deserve their casual listen once in a while. Of course, nothing will ever touch the musical god that is Gee so I shouldn’t compare too much here.

Overall Rating



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2 Responses to Girls’ Generation – Gee

  1. ladybird says:

    ‘musical god’ – I couldn’t have put it better :D Everything pales when compared to Gee. It’s the ultimate role model for all pop songs. Nothing in H!P gave me this feeling :) Ever :)

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